Tuesday, 30 November 2010

She sells Sanctuary

On the expanding Brouhaha over the wikileaks dump. It seems Ecuador are willing to offer Mr Assanage residency in Equador. This is for no other reason than their current Presidente for Life (and in that part of the world you have to emphasise the “For Life” bit) hates the Americans because they don't consider Blow a legitimate export. Now I haven’t been to that particular country in South America – I’ve been to 9 of the other Countries in the Souith America region, another 2 in Central America – so I’m guessing that Ecuador is about as salubrious as Bolivia. You won’t find the sun kissed vineyards of Chile, or the fabulous coastline of Punta Del Este in the centre of Quito – or anywhere else in the country for that matter. Nor will you find lots of nice bums pinching dental floss on the beaches like Brazil. Trust me on this one Julian, unless you’re a giant Tortoise or your feet are bright blue I wouldn’t plan on liking the place much at all.

My advice - keep on running.


Span Ows said...

oooh, I have a surprise for you. Ecuador is one of the nicest parts of South America and the people are the friendliest. Believe me, it is very apparent if you go there and I do about 2 or 3 times a year (as well as most of the other countries too). It has volcanoes, some snow-capped, beautiful beaches, great semitropical stretches of fertile inland, the heights of Quito, Galapagos Islands, great food, beautiful women following the trend from the greatest 'patch' in the world: Venezuela through Colombia (both of which I know very well) into Ecuador. It uses the dollar (US dollar is the currency) and many retirees are now headed that way from the US and I believe the UK (not sure about how many but read it only last month!)

Don't get me wrong, Correa is a complete twat and mini Chavez but the country and the people are more than good enough to ignore the idiot.

banned said...

Ghost of Ramon Mercader awating Mr Assange?

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