Wednesday, 3 November 2010

US Mid Terms

As suspected, the Republicans gained the House and enough seats in the Senate to Filibuster Democrat Legislation. No real surprise, the US economy is fucked and Obama spent all his time shoving partisan Health Care reform through the Senate. Which, speaking to a bunch of US doctors in American Samoa doing free eye clinics for the locals was about as welcome in the medical profession as a Bacon Sandwich at a Bah Mitzvah.

Firstly a note of caution to the Republicans. You made yourselves very unpopular last time by shit canning every piece of legislation the Democratic President thought up in between having his nob polished by a fat intern. You theoretically could give a similar boost to Obama – “look guv I wanted to save you all but those evil Republicans didn’t let me”. And with the pressure the Tea Party can bring to centrist/professional politician candidates, you don’t have a lot of wiggle room.

Right now the Republicans also don’t have anybody right now that looks like Presidential Material, so Obama might still be re-elected because the GOP could have a brain melt and be dumb enough to pick Palin as their choice.

To the Democrats – You’re idiots. You listened to your activists rather than the country. What you should have done is thank Mr Penn, Mr Clooney. Mr Soros et all for their money, given them some Ambassador at Large Post to the Ross Ice Shelf. You should then have decided to listen to somebody who doesn’t consider the word “Activist” a badge of honour equivalent to the Silver Star (“Democrat” being the daddy badge equivalent to the Medal Of Honor).

My suggestion is turn off the Federal Spending Taps and even cut the odd pork programme. You of course will not do that because the state is all loving and all powerful, and why would anybody want to keep their own money when that nice Mr Obama can spend it much better than they ever could?

Just as the Republicans have the inability to compromise because of outside political pressures, so do the Democrats with the inbuilt arrogance and stubborness of their President. Clinton was forced to work with the Republicans, and turned out to be good at it. Obama will not, he'll keep hitting that square peg through the round hole until it gets through. He's never compromised before, he thinks all Republicans are the anti-Christ, he can get away with forcing stuff through the Senate. He will look even more partisan than before.

To the Tea Party. Well you did well, but not that well. Notice how your choice in Delaware was nuts. Well she got her ass handed to her. I suggest you look at your victories, look at why they won (they were normal people fed up with State overspending) Thank the more “activist” ones for their time, and then send them back to their shows on Fox.

I really do wish you the best of luck not only because you favour smaller government which I heartily endorse, but mostly because you annoy Tim Robbins. Listening to Mr Robbins on Radio 2 denouncing the Tea Party as a Astroturf Movement funded by Millionaires was just so much fun. The whining and the moaning that is so spectacularly untrue, and is symptomatic of the gut Liberal Luvvie feeling that anything that doesn't fit into their little view of the world is some sort of Right Wing Billionaires Plot. You’re driving the left nuts – and not only in the US – please do keep at it.


Anonymous said...

"You’re driving the left nuts – and not only in the US – please do keep at it."

You got it! We're just getting started!

Not a bad night, although I'm still pissed about Harry Reid. They stole that one fair and square.

It is eerily quiet though in Nevada, it seems like they are laying low. No Reid fans dancing in the street or Angle going on about how hard they worked and what a good fight etc. I wonder if there is anything going on behind the scenes right now. Angle was ahead by 4 points in the polls the day before the election and she lost by 9 points well outside the margin of error. Guess who was in charge of the electronic voting booths, the SEIU, the fox guarding the henhouse. It was weird, several people said they voted for Angle but Reids name popped up on the screen. The SEIU said it was a technical difficulty and will be fixed ASAP. Then results were delayed because of a long line in Elko. Elko is in the middle of the desert with about 5 people living there. Polls opened 2 weeks ago and had been opened for 10 hours that day but they couldn't handle the massive line in Elko.

One note on O'Donnell, she was not expected to win but in the Repub primary she ran against that political hack rhino Castle. The message sent to Repubs was to take your establishment rhino candidate and shove it. Give us a good candidate or we will give the vote to the Dems. Clean up your party.

Lastly,"getting his nob polished by a fat intern" was hilarious, you kill me sometimes!

Tarka the Rotter said...

Well the Republicans have Marco Rubio... hispanic, good looking, family man...
ticks a few boxes there I'd say

Sharon Ferguson said...

I think you might be wrong about there not being any potential leaders of the RNC - keep your eyes on Marco Rubio and possibly Alan West, both in Florida. Rubio is now the face of Latino Conservatives that should shake up things. And the morning after circumspection indicates that maybe it isnt such a bad thing that the Republicans didnt take the Senate - Rush Limbaugh pointed out that Harry Reid is the face of the Democrats now and anything they block can be reflected back on them. The conservatives now have a stronger presence in the Senate and its only two more years until we can push for that majority. The WV win was Senator "Grand Wizard of the KKK" Byrd's seat and the winner there is up for reelection in 2010.

Take heart! It wasnt a killing blow, but there's blood in the water now. Keep your eyes out for more leftists to come floating down...

Anonymous said...

Tim Robbins is a stupid cunt. He honestly lacks any knoweldge to back his half-baked opinions.

Anonymous said...

"keep your eyes on Marco Rubio"

I like Marco Rubio but I think his time might be in 6 years if he does well as Senator. I also like Paul Ryan from Wisconsin and Michele Bachman from Minnesota, but I think they still need some more expereince and may do well in about in 2016.

For the next election I would love to see a Christie/Petraeus ticket. That may shake some things up since neither is an establishment kinda guy but both are popular and represent conservative values well.


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