Wednesday, 22 December 2010

All Quiet on the Vincent Front

Unbelievably, the Sky/Murdoch and assorted “I’ll bring the Government down” rants have managed to shut Vince Cable up. There’s an outrage bus with its engine running waiting to be boarded by the Liberal Democrats in the form of bonuses to BAA bosses*. Amazingly Vince hasn’t jumped on it. Now granted I don’t especially like Mr Murdoch, due to his funding of the virulently Anti-British and crock of shit film Gallipoli that dishonours all 21,255 British troops that died there. But give him his due, if he managed to shut Mr Cable up merely by existing he can’t be all bad.

* Due to Travelgall having a Christmas present trip to Vienna cancelled because of airport fuckwittery he is no fan at the present time of BAA extreme weather planning.


Mehran said...

I have to disagree with you about the 'outrage bus'. As one who's holiday has been totally ruined (and still stranded here until after Christmas), I not only want to see none of the BAA executives be denied their fat bonuses, I actually want them dead.

Mehran said...

Sorry, *whose* holiday...

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