Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Dan Hannan loses his mind

He’s advocating that Ireland ditch the Euro (Not a bad idea) and link a new Irish Punt to Sterling, and have Irish members on the MPC (A Very Very Bad idea). For a start, he says we trade a lot with Ireland. Well the UK trade a lot with Europe, America and Asia - but I assume he’s not advocating Britain enters the Euro zone and insists it is pegged to the US Dollar and Vietnamese Dong at the same time.

He also says Ireland are our friends. Has the man been struck down with Irish Alzheimer’s (A disease where you remember every bad thing that the English do to you but completely forget every Ill you did to the English)? Now I don’t like to Labour the point, and I’m not critiquing the Irish people for their history nor am I ignoring the many Brave Irishmen that have fought on our side in our wars. But many in Ireland have delighted in screwing us over whenever we’ve been threatened. Is Dan Hannan taking history lessons from Ken Loach? Because I can list a whole bunch of examples when large parts of Ireland haven’t been our friends.

Irish Republicans taking money and guns from the Russians during the cold war
Irish Republicans taking money and assisting the Germans when we were fighting for our lives against an evil dictatorship during the Second World War
Taking money and guns from the Germans when we were fighting for our lives against an evil dictator during the First World War.
Taking money and guns from the French when we were fighting for our lives against an evil dictatorship during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.
Taking money andTroops from the French and Spanish when we were fighting for our lives against an evil dictatorship during the Inquisition.
Ethnically clensing about 12,000 Protestants from Northern Ireland in the 1641 Rebellion.

Now am I ignoring all those nasty things we did to the Irish? No. Cromwell was deeply unpleasant man and the simple fact is we stood around like potted palms during the Potato Famine rather than helping to feed people. These weren't our finest hours. But I don’t bang on about them every 5 minutes. The simple fact is that the Irish and the English now get along because we meet up every 4 years for the Lions Rugby tour, get pissed, have a good old sing song and then spend the next 4 years ignoring each other. It’s a system that works. “Erin go bragh”, remember that? Can you imagine the shit we’ll get from Gerry Adams every time the Bank of England closes the Irish bank that clears his Brothers Child Porn standing order?

If Ireland wants a currency union with anybody they can go and bug Seamus Brad Widawska III in America. He thinks he’s Irish, I’m sure he’ll support the Dollarisation of Ireland.


MrAverage said...

Rare for me to disagree with you, and on the substantive point I would concur.

However, I'd like to point out that in all of the cases you helpfully illustrated, the irish were sourcing equipment because we had stolen their country (in their eyes at least).

Better examples in future please.

Yours etc, etc

Travelgall said...

Hi Mr Average
In at least 2 of those examples we had already buggered off from Ireland, in accordance with the agreements the Irish themselves signed when they became a Republic. The massacres were before England forced Unification on their country - The 1800 Act of Union. Even the 1916 Rebellion was not supported by the majority of Ireland, it was the bodge job we did with the executions that changed peoples opinion from Home Rule to outright |Independence. And even if we were entirely culpable in all instances, I would have thought the Irish might have thought that the English were the lesser evil and saved their powder and shot for a more suitable time.

Anyhow, we now have a working relationship whth Ireland that muddles along. The Irish wanted to be left alone from English inteference. As long as they no longer offer the same threat to our country and sovereignty as they did during the reign of King Philip (which got us involved in the first place) then I believe the UK should do nothing to try and control the Republic of Ireland - that includes Monetary Policy.

Jonny said...

My (Church of Ireland, Protestant, Kerry-residing) family had to exit the south pretty sharpish during the Civil War in the early 1920s.

That's another ethnic cleansing to add to the list - it's not an accident that all the CoI churches are empty these days.

Pat said...

OTOH a very large number of Irish individuals have served the Crown well for generations- including during the Napoleonic, first and second world wars.
On my recent visit to Ireland I encountered no animosity, and in a lifetime on construction sites I have encountered none- perhaps there are Irish people who don't agree with Irish politicians?
The answer to the question in hand, whether the Irish should adopt the pound should be decided by referendum, and if they wish an involvement in UK policy then the answer is surely to be obtained via two referenda- one in each country.

Anonymous said...

"Dan Hannan loses his mind"

Surely you have to have one before you can lose it?

(And don't call me surely!)

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