Monday, 6 December 2010

Europe’s Leaders at odds over bond plan

I bloody well bet they are. Let me see, on one side I suspect you have Greece, Spain and other nations where the sun shines and they have a 6 hour lunch break thinking this is the best idea since sliced bread. “Ooh, we get a better credit rating than the one we currently have, so we can borrow even more before we have to face the consequenses, it’s like shagging in the 1970’s”. On the other hand you have Jurgen Ze German faced with his borrowing fees and credit rating suddenly being at the same levels as Sierra Leone. “Vhat Ze Fuck, ze APR on my Credit Kard ist 189%. Zis is not ze forward progressive Europe ve signed up for when ve vere feeling a tinzy vinsy bit guilty about Varsaw und Koventry".

It’s not as if we Insel Affe didn’t warn the Germans. I believe I have told several Germans that they would be a huge money Piñata that France, Greece, Spain et all would whack whenever they needed to pay for their sit on their arse and do fuck all lifestyle. Obviously they didn’t pass the message up their Chain of Command.

Germans, have they ever been right about anything other than making cars, the Reinheitsgebot and Heidi Klum?

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