Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Sarge – Do I have to iron creases in this Tie Dye shirt?

It seems the Luvvies have hit on yet another great idea to ease the burden of the average squaddie suffering Post Traumatic stress disorder. Clint Eastwood, long hair Russell Brand, Donna Karen and David Lynch have set up Operation Warrior Wellness which promotes transcendental meditation to cure our soldiers of their ills. Just seen your mate blown up? Let Guru Biduvar Koksakar guide you through a spot of spouting shite to make you feel better.

In its defence, the Royal Swedish Air Force does offer this as a method to combat stress. I guess they have to try something to blot out the hideous memories of all those missions dropping Napalm on villages in the Faroe Islands.

Russell Brand actually can offer a way to make soldiers better, but one that doesn’t involve hippies, the lotus position and burning sticks that smell of lavender mixed with dried Aardvark dung. Whilst in the pub talking through what happened when his buddy got hit by an IED on post deployment leave with his fire team in Aya Napa, Brand could ship his missus over to take all her clothes off.

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startledcod said...

She doesn't actually need clothes at all. Well not for a very long time anyway. Sod it, forget squaddie stress, we're looking at national de-stessing. You go girl!

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