Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Vote Vince

Vince Cable, the man who predicted all 17 of the last 3 recessions has been spouting off about how he can bring down the government. What a great advert this man is for AV, do as I say or the Teddy gets launched. I’m sure the Tories will be using him as a shining example of why first past the post is the way forward. Loud annoying gobshites, who like the sound of their own voice WAY too much, are a pain in the jacks when they are from a major party. Imagine how much more of a pain a Tommy Sheridan or Nick Griffin is going to be.


Paul said...

Cable couldn't bring his own trousers down without getting his knees in a knot.

Peter Whale said...

If only "Cast Iron Dave" hadn't lied.

Jackart said...

Jeezus christ. A promise made prior to ratification in the expectation of an imminent election.

The facts on the ground changed becasue of LABOUR hypocisy rendering the guarantee moot. Your idiotc meme lets the GUY WHO RATIFIED THE FUCKING TREATY off. It wasn't "Dave" it was Gordon.

But you already know that. Idiot.

Peter Whale said...

He made the promise in the manifesto then reiterated it as a cast iron promise.The idiots are people like you who defend their right to lie to the voters.

Jackart said...

Peter, Bless you for writing, but are you ignorant or stupid?

"He made the promise in the manifesto" No he didn't because a manifesto hadn't been written. "then reiterated it as a cast-iron promise" in the context of an imminent pre-ratification election.

You are idiot for letting the Labour party off the hook for reneging on their manifesto promise WHEN THEY WERE IN A POSITION, unlike Mr Cameron, TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Peter Whale said...

I am both ignorant and stupid because I voted Tory last time and not UKIP. Never again will I vote for the three main lying parties.

Jackart said...

It may have passed you by, but the Tories (broadly if not rabidly Euroskeptic) are in coalition with the (deviantly federast) Liberal Democrats, in part because people like you see betrayal everywhere and let labour retain too many seats.

We have the most radical government, shrinking the state as fast as the country will bear. The fact he doesn't want to pick a fight with Europe as well as the stay-behind partisans of Labour's client state is fine by me. "Europe" is a policy for a Tory Majority.

I suggest you remember politics as the art of the possible.

Peter Whale said...

Look I read your blog everyday it is your unthinking attitude to "anyone but labour" that binds you to your support of the boy Dave. Your lying Dave lost the election because of his lie about the Lisbon treaty. If he had carried on with the referendum regardless of its veracity he would have had a majority and a weapon against the EU. We would have had a Tory majority and real Tory policies.At what point will you discard him, after we give all powers to the EU under the Lisbon Treaty, after the next ratification, after the Financial centre moves to Zurich or Shanghai or when you are arrested on an EU warrant for not operating a website under the approved EU amendment for not displaying the EU flag? The boy Dave is a pratt and so are you for your tribal support of him.
It might interest you that I do like your blog despite the above comment.

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