Tuesday, 4 January 2011

100 Days of Miliband

Red Ed has decided that the Vat hike is bad for poor working families. He’s right in so much as all taxes are bad for working families. But then I very much believe he doesn’t think that all taxes are bad. Indeed I suspect he uses the thought of introducing more of them to raise the flagpole in the bedroom when he’s feeling a bit tired and emotional.

Whilst VAT is an unpleasant tax. The simple fact is that it isn’t charged on most Giffen goods. Food, Fuel, Kiddies Clothing which the poor consume more of in relation to their total income are VAT free or VAT Reduced in the case of power and utilities. So in reality, other than their Lambert and Butler ciggies, the vast majority of the poor’s purchasing power is unaffected. As for the rich – yeah, their M&S organic Kumquat and Aardvark Dropping salad is VAT free because - being a food - HMRC considers it the same thing as a pot noodle. Ditto that darling little Louis XVI Transitional style fauteuil that the “Rich” bought, as Antiques don’t get charged VAT. But everything else the “rich” spend their money on is going to see an increase in tax.

The hypocrisy of this is quite outstanding since the Labour Nomenklatura proposed increasing this tax twice and only failed to do so because Gordon Brown vetoed this proposal by Miliband. They also jumped on the bandwagon of the number of Flu shot vaccinations being down this year to complain about how the government had got rid of advertising it. Obviously Red Ed hasn’t spoken to Liam Byrne in his old department about there being “no money left”. It also didn’t occur to Mr Miliband that people aren’t fucking stupid, and can work out whether they need a needle jabbed into their arse or not without Sir Henry Cooper and the power of the state assisting them in the decision. Never ever forget that Labour are deeply unpleasant shits who will use an old lady dying of Flu to try to regain power.

The fact of the matter is VAT is also incredibly avoidable in many cases by ordering your goods abroad, or driving a large white van there. You simply make sure that the bloke sending you those DVD copies of “Oh Brothel, where art thou” and “Titty Titty Gang Bang” sends it in a Brown paper box with the “Cadeau” box on the customs form ticked (and lets be honest, this is probably a service he will offer anyway). You also make damn sure that the value of the good purchased is £17.99. Stiff shit if you insure it for that and then loose it in the post of course, but other than that you’re laughing. For that very reason I suspect this VAT increase is actually going to raise bugger all extra money, unless everybody goes out and buys something that cannot be carried by postie – like a bed.

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JuliaM said...

" Indeed I suspect he uses the thought of introducing more of them to raise the flagpole in the bedroom when he’s feeling a bit tired and emotional."

Gawd, there's a mental image I could have done without!

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