Tuesday, 18 January 2011

“Baby Doc” returns to Haiti

What can we learn from the return to Haiti of “Baby Doc” Duvallier. Well, for one, certain countries are so screwed up nothing can be done to save them. Save your money for a nation that is actually trying to save themselves e.g. Botswana from the ravages of Aids. Secondly we can learn that man who killed thousands through starvation and torture, stoning people to death or burning them alive, will be welcome back as people can be a bit stupid. The only thing good to be said about him was that he was as thick as a whale omelette and wasn’t as bad as his father. Now he returns to cheering at the airport, as the old farts who didn’t personally have their balls wired up to a car battery forget the bad things carried out by him and his infamous Tonton Macoutes. They are intelligent enough only to remember he managed to asphalt a couple of roads.

We can also be reminded that old school dictators in the Western Hemisphere all have nicknames such as “El Bolle” and consider “Ocean Dumping” a genuine way of solving political issues. Oh and never, ever let French speakers run your country. Get colonised by the British. Compare and contrast Haiti, Rwanda, Chad, The Peoples Democratic Republic of Congo et all with the Bahamas, Australia, India, Hong Kong. Granted a couple of British colonies slipped through the cracks – Zimbabwe and Guyana are both dumps. But you’re far more likely to have working Khazis, the odd Hospital and railway line; and a Constabulary not prefixed with the word Secret and affixed with the words “Aaarrrggghhhh, what do you want to know”.

But the main thing to learn from all of this is the following. When you overthrow a dictator, don’t let them flee to the Vatican Embassy. Don’t let Ban Ki Moon or his UN successor take him out of the country in his private plane. Don’t let them retire to Paraguay with the promise of a quite life. Politicians stick together, and will protect their own. The egotistical cunt who tap danced on your testicles will return 15-20 years from now bowing to the “will of the people” after a tearful plea on Oprah. Politicians can’t be humbled, and they can’t be changed, and they shouldn’t be forgiven; especially the dictatorial ones in third world shitholes. Look at that disgrace Prescott, now he’s out of power will he shut the fuck up?

The answer is simple. If you ever overthrow anybody with quotation marks in their name, don’t wait, don’t delay. Shoot them, shoot them in the face!


Mr Ecks said...


Kill them all!!!

Umbongo said...

T - can't disagree with your post although I think you can include Uganda on the roll of (dis)honour for ex-British colonies. As to your point about shit protecting its own, Idi Amin died in bed after a comfortable retirement courtesy of those democrats who run Saudi.

A Very Ex-British Dude said...

Interesting insight gained on Haiti.
Chatting with a Dominican girl & mentioned the earthquake. Didn't know anything about it or care. All animals there, in her opinion.
That's the third time I've the same views from Dominicans who do tend to deliver forthright opinions. Don't think they do much in the way of PC conciousness in the D.R.

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