Thursday, 20 January 2011

Grant Students free cash

The guardian describes scrapping the Educational Maintenance Allowance as “controversial”. Can anybody explain what is controversial about scrapping a tax payer funded bribe to keep people in education paid for by the taxpayer. Because it seems to me that stopping somebody peeling fivers from my wallet is fairly damn uncontroversial. Want a bit of spare cash to buy Cider to drink in a park with your mates? Get a fucking paper round. Having trouble making the bus fare to get to school? Get a fucking paper round that offers you a free bike. Even Labour, who still support this crap, admit that it’s pissed away on Nike trainers, Booze and Fags.

And this from the Guardian comment section…

hi i am currently going to college trying to get a career ema is helping me stand on my feet helps me get to college helps me get the things i need for college. there is already so many young people junking there careers away do u what that to happen to all young people like that because know will come into college for free before you get rid of ema think of young people and what we would for money x
Well that seems like money well spent to me. How can we ignore such an eloquent and well punctuated plea? These morons really do think money grows on trees.


Autonomous Mind said...

I disagree that these people think money grows on trees.

The problem is, like government, they believe they are entitled to take our money in order to fund their desires as and when it suits them.

It is wrong that people look at what others earn and believe they can just take whatever proportion they like to spend on what matters to them.

Apply taxation to provide essential public services, yes. But too often governmment splashes our cash around on activities and programmes where government has no business being involved and where our money should not be used.

Anonymous said...

I believe I saw Andy Burnham on Sky a few days ago arguing that Students should get EMA because they have a right to the entire "Student Life experience".

Which for my friends back in college meant buying video games (for 5 platforms) and comics on a weekly basis. And one of them still bleated about not being able to afford bus tickets to travel to college as an excuse for his poor attendance

In fact, he even used the same excuse for his poor attendence at Uni, which he dropped out of last year after failing his exams...and (drum roll) couldn't afford resits.

squitchtweak said...

I'm not saying EMA shouldn't be better regulated, but what exactly are you saying here? That there aren't students from poor backgrounds under financial pressure to leave school and get a job? That it's free to travel to school and buy textbooks? That because one student commenting on The Guardian website is an idiot, all students are just as thick?

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