Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Solidarity Brother

The Brazilians have denied Port and Fuelling to a Royal Navy ship based in the Falkland Islands. Practically the first act of the new Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. It appears the new Presidente Ms Dilda is using this as a way of sucking up to Argentina when they have a trade conference next month, and Her own party whose lefties always like a bit of Gringo bashing. Although the South American Solidarity wears thin when its their own land they are talking about. If Brazil feels so generous about land perhaps they should give Argentina Sao Paolo – it is closer to Argentina than the Falklands after all.

A Foreign Office spokesman said “Brazil did not grant diplomatic clearance this time. We respect Brazil's right to make such a decision. We have a close relationship with Brazil. The UK-Brazil defence cooperation treaty signed last September is a good example of our current strong links”. What distresses me is that they probably believe this shit in FO La La Land.

If it is in Brazil’s interest they will back Argentina, if its not they won’t. I can’t blame the Brazilians for this. They’re not one of our allies so should do what’s in their own interests. But perhaps the FO should start to consider doing likewise, especially when somebody suggests that Brazil should get a Security Council seat.

On a side note. Ms Dilma was a Marxist Guerilla who was tortured by the Military Rulers of the period. Whatever the torture was, I suspect it didn’t involve withholding her food.


Dave Sparrow said...

Something fishy about that report. It says that after being refused facilities in Rio, the ship docked 'later' in Chile. The nearest Chilean port to Rio is 2,500 miles away, so 'later' would have been a very long time later, not just after pausing for a quick cuppa. In fact, the Falkland Islands are closer to Rio than any Chilean port, so it may as well have gone home :)

Umbongo said...

According to this we gave in excess of £10 million overseas aid to Brazil in 2009/10. Why does the government insist on tipping taxpayers' funds down this particular hole? If our money and our ships aren't good enough for the Brazilians I suspect there are worthy candidates at home which could do with £10 million. The money could even be returned to the taxpayer or would that be too "Conservative" for the present administration?

Nigel Sedgwick said...

This is troubling: big future market versus their irrationality.

Still, an even-handed response would be appropriate.

I'd suggest reducing their diplomatic headcount at the Court of St James by one per day: until it is all gone, or they accept a whole fleet from the RN.

That is always assuming we could muster one.

Best regards

Nigel Sedgwick said...

On a side-note, concerning colonialism: just what is it with the Americans (north, south and middle) on this.

The vast majority of them are mostly colonialists: just look at the DNA.

Best regards

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Did you know we actually give aid to Brazil?

Here is just one gem from the DFID:

To engage with Brazil on development issues in order to understand and learn from Brazil’s perspectives, identify and develop a shared agenda and promote global poverty reduction objectives.
Budget: £730,333
Start Date: 01/04/2009 Stage: Operational Principal Country: Brazil
Principal Sector: Promotion of development awareness


We send them aid, they fuck us.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

sorry I missed umbongo's comment

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