Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Can a Five Year Old Understand what you do?

There were 2 instances reported this morning of Armed forces personel losing their jobs. 32 Warrant Officers, one of whom was in Afghanistan, were sacked by e-mail rather than being afforded the courtesy of being told by their commanding officer. This is just shocking incompetence by the MOD - still nearly 100,000 strong (ie nearly as large as the Army) yet despite (or perhaps because of...) this bureaucratic obesity, it cannot be bothered to check the timing of sending people e-mails.

In addition, leaked information revealed that 25% of the Air Force's trainee pilots, 100 or so, were to lose their jobs. Guys who've served 22 years and are on the long-service list know they're only in as long as they're useful. It's the young men and women being fired just as they complete training and with a few hours before they get their wings that I feel for. Officer training, even in the RAF, is tough enough without the fear of a pretty brutal cut. Worse is the fact that an RAF pilot will probably have thought about or considered little else through school and university, and will have to go to second choice employers who know they're second choice, with the fact they didn't make the cut on their record. For those young men and women it is going to be very tough, especially in the current economic environment, and some MOD desk-wallah leaking the plans doesn't make it any easier, on those fired, or those who still have a job.

Savings have to be made, even in defence whilst there's a war on. That's how seriously the coalition takes reducing the obscene budget deficit Labour bequeathed us, though quite why we should fire 100 pilots when we could fire 1,000 MOD bureaucrats is beyond me. Bureaucrats only care about bureaucracy, and their own little empire, never about the service they're supposed to be managing, so when there's cuts going around, it's the poor bloody infantry (so to speak) who get fired, not the shiny-arsed pen-pushers in whitehall.

It's not just the forces which suffer from Bureacratic cuntularity. Most of that Labour budget deficit was run up financing the fucking NHS, (the rest was used to ensure Labour voters don't have to work if they don't want to). The NHS is Labour's proudest achievement, yet the national bureaucracy is directly responsible for old people being left to starve or waste away from dehydration, because this is what happens when you let a bureaucracy run what is ultimately a human service. The main reason the state fucks up so catastrophically is that bureaucrats think process is more important than outcome, mainly because process is more easily measured. You can measure how often someone has to wait four hours for A&E. You can't measure how often someone needs their bum wiped or colostomy bag emptied. Thus, the simple, human function of nursing is neglected BECAUSE bureaucrats are in control.

In education, LEAs take up to a third of schools' budgets. "Consultation" has become an expensive way for local planning departments to say "no" to anyone other than Barratt developments PLC; the Crown Prosecution Service use a tick-box to ensure that anyone can do anything they like (to me anyway) and get off with a caution. Compliance and 'Human Resources' departments infest private firms, acting as a fifth column working for the state against the interests of the businesses they serve. Bureaucracies and the parasites who staff them are the curse of modern life.

If you work for the state, find a five-year old child. If he or she understands instantly what you do for a living, carry on. This means teachers, doctors, nurses, firemen, police offficers, soldiers or road-builders etc... will be ok. If not, then there's a good chance you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem. It might be worth thinking how many people would miss your work if you did the honourable thing by committing suicide this evening.


Dominic Allkins said...

Great, great post Jackart.

Can we form an orderly queue to help euthanase the bureaucrats.

David Jones said...

How bloody depressing. Not suicide but lamposts for the bastards.

Or perhaps we could form a regiment of bureaucrats and send them to Helmand. We could then email their next of kin when the inevitable happens.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Well said sir.

It is beyond disgraceful that we are stripping our country of its defences and treating brave hard-working people like this, while at the same time wasting millions (or is it billions) on stupid pointless windmills and the EU's various gravy trains.

And now I see that hundreds, literally hundreds of jumped-up Town Clerks are paying themselves more than the Prime Minister gets!!

Has the whole place gone completely mad? Is anyone actually in charge?

Mr Ecks said...

Why are you telling us?

Tell that plastic-faced EU sucking sack of shit Cameron.
If we left the fucking EU the 14 billion minimum saved might mean we would have to sack any servicemen.

Mr Ecks said...


JimmyGiro said...

Privatise the bureaucracy.

If they are as necessary as they believe themselves to be, then it should be easy for them to attract contracts from those profit making bodies that might deploy their 'needed' services.

Consider the beginning of 'computer services'. Most of it was set up in the 80s by contract programmers. Now I would argue that computing is the true administrative backbone of a modern country; therefore if that functioned as a private enterprise, then so should administration as a whole.

cuffleyburgers said...

Top post, no further comment required.

North Briton 45 said...

You don't half talk a lot of claptrap about the NHS, but then you always do.

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