Thursday, 17 February 2011

Forza Italia

In the UK the antics of Signor Berlusconi have the essence of a Benny Hill show. It gives us a good laugh as the creepy old foreign man chases a bunch of nubile young women round the place. And to be fair what’s not to laugh as he sticks a bunch of good looking weather girls in key positions of power. I also think it makes a nice change to the average British male when comparing them with the men hating harridans that populated our previous administration. But I suspect Middle England will change its mind now he’s got allegedly paying for sex with somebody under age. To be fair on Berlusconi, she admits to lying about her age, isn’t very convincing were it not for the accumulation of other allegations, and doesn’t LOOK under age. But I reckon there’s a hell of difference between me trying to tell somebody’s age from a photo, and Berlusconi getting the chance in the flesh (in this particular woman’s case a lot of visible flesh).

Now I usually don’t mind foreign politicians making total arses of themselves, or UK ones for that matter. But there reaches a point when it just gets too silly. Italy is still a useful military, political, and economically important nation to the UK who needs to sort its economy out. When the President is acting like a dog with two dicks I reckon this isn’t happening. I also worry that Italy has Proportional representation, and this horny old goat will allow minor political parties in power like the Communists, who could do actual physical harm to the world financial system with their blithering economic policies. Berlusconi needs to do his country a big fat favour and resign, then his party can pick somebody sensible and he can bonk his twilight years away in peace. History will thank him more than if he hangs around, and after all, at 75 years old his posterity is getting fairly close.


cuffleyburgers said...

Point of order - the lassie in question was not a minor, she was 17 and some 200 odd days on the night of the alleged infraction. The situation in Italy seems to be that prositution is illegal, and prostitution with girls under 18 is particularly illegal.

Both Mr B and Ruby maintain they didn't have sex and he just gave the money as a present. Well you can believe that if you want to, but there is probably no definite proof either way.

Agreed that there are many necessary reforms in italy mainly to do with deregualtion and tax cutting, but no government has ever had the balls to tackle them, Berlusconi could have done had his goals in office been anything other than to try to get the justice system off his back.

The only man who might make a decent fist of it would be Tremonti, the finance minister but I can't somehow see him making PM.

Anonymous said...

Hiya, got here via Boy on a Bike in Oz. Top blog mate.
Re Berlu he's a goat and a I am inclined to share your view that this is just too much. But like cuffleyb notes he's spent a bucketload of time with a nutty judicial fatwa pursuing him for years so he'll always get sympathy for that - you can rely on a leftist Italian to overplay their hand every time.
The issue is who on earth could replace him. The potential leaders seem to me to be separatist idiots or lefty numpties.
Whatever happens tho', Italy continues to succeed despite its leadership, not because of it. It has its problems but wouldn't you rather be in Rome? i know I would. It's Rome!
Salute WB

banned said...

It was probably foolish of Berlusconi to have sex with someone under aged in Itlay, he could have gone to Spain where, I think, AOC is fifteen or just shagged an older bird.
Hasn't affected his popularity though and he's still getting top resultas in polls.

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