Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Operator, get me Havana 1212

The unfortunately still alive Fidel Castro believes the US and NATO are ready to invade Libya. Now I know TV reception isn’t very good in Cuba, but perhaps he had missed the fact that NATO is really rather busy at the moment in Afghanistan. Meanwhile fellow lefty dictator Daniel Ortega has decided that it’s good to talk and picked up the phone to the mad Colonel and congratulated him. Apparently he "is again waging a great battle" to defend the unity of his nation”. Do these assholes have their own talk plan? “Keep in touch with your far flung friends in 3rd world toilets from 2p per minute”. Or do they have to toddle off down to the newsagents to get those scratch cards where you put an 18 digit number in front of the phone number you’re calling?

If all this lefty hand relief sounds familiar, you’re probably remembering this. And has anybody heard from that tartan tit since all this kicked off? Or is he too busy jizzing his pants on Press TV that a 1960’s museum piece frigate might get a shot off at Tel Aviv before being turned into Swiss Cheese, thereby starting another round of pointless deaths in the region.

The left’s rise in South America is good short term news for the regions dictators. Have Gaddafi, Mubarak and Ben Ali found themselves a possible bolt hole? Maybe Ahmadinerjacket too? They’re probably a lot more likely to get a lobster dinner in than Havana than in Khartoum.

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banned said...

When the time comes to save the Libyan people from themselves, which may already have happened, it should be for the Arab League to intervene. They would only slag us (NATO) off however good our intentions.

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