Friday, 4 February 2011

The Running of the Mouth - Bercow

Warning, give whatever meal you’ve eaten time top digest. This could turn you bilious.

Sally Bercow, has said how Parliament makes her feel “Incredibly Sexy” and her Husband is a “Sex symbol”. Big Ben is “Sexy” Ditto the view from the Grace and Favour pad. No doubt the big stick with a bulb at the end Bercow (Male) carries reminds her of something too. And this isn't the first time she's banged on about what happens between her legs. To paraphrase HM Constabulary - she's got form. Jeez, either this individual is so horny that she leaves a snail trail behind herself; she’s mad as a box of frogs, or just dimmer than a 3 watt bulb. Since she wants to stand as one of T’brothers in the Labour Party I suspect it’s an intelligence issue.

I know Bercow (Male) insists that Bercow (Female) is not his Chattel. But there are times that husbands or wife are perfectly entitled to tell the other one to just shut up. I for example have asked my future wife to stop hitting people on open air railway platforms with umbrellas because they’re having a crafty fag after coming from the pub drunk on a Friday night. Mainly because it is me who will suffer from the ensuing punch up. And I will honour the request made by my affianced not to comment on whether her friends babies look like Winston Churchill dipped in Swarfega or not. That isn’t sexist, its common sense.

Bercow (Female) is merely a symptom of the current British disease – a desperation to be famous. So keen are they to appear on the Electric Fish Tank that they will marry some barely human hit and hope footballer, swim in a tank of maggots or spout verbal diarrhoea to Journalists about what they get up to in the bedroom. Whatever happened to personal dignity in Britain?


Umbongo said...

What is even more - or as - irritating is that so-called "quality" papers like the Times and Telegraph publish pictures of this cow and devote God knows how many column inches to her blatherings. Today the Times even devoted an editorial to her (telling her to shut up, as it happens) and a few weeks ago the BBC invited her on to Question Time (despite being a conspicuous non-achiever and thought vacuum, she does toe the BBC line on the coalition, climate change, the "cuts" etc etc).

Just because Mr Speaker is, in the vernacular, c***struck is no reason to impose this particular c***, her image or her ridiculous opinions on the rest of us.

Span Ows said...

Hilarious...very nice. And of course you are quite right.

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