Monday, 7 March 2011

The Dagenham awards – Charlie Sheen, Hugo Chavez and Pakistan

For those not living or working in the capital of Great Britain and Northern Ireland “Dagenham” is the phrase that relates to the District line as 3 stops beyond Barking (Mad). I.e. Beyond Mad. And this month we’ve had some absolute corkers, anybody watching the slow train wreck of Charlie Sheen’s career, home life and sanity must be confident that his position on the Dead Pool is looking as good as Pete Docherty locked in HM Customs and Excise secure contraband warehouse. Tattoos, Porn Stars, A history of drug misuse and copious amounts of cash, all he needs is a penchant for women’s underwear and auto erotic asphyxiation and his likely death couldn’t be any more spectacular if his private plane crashed into a fireworks factory.

The runner up award goes to “Friend of the Blog” Hugo Chavez. Whilst everybody is running from Mad Muammar like a village full of Ebola victims, Hugo can’t resist embracing fellow Yanqui hater. And is planning on putting his 4p worth into supporting a dictator that is currently carpet bombing his own people. “By their friends ye shall know them”.

But the winner is our good friends in Pakistan. They are now claiming the death of Pakistan minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti is not to do with the fact that he wanted violent psychotic bigoted Islamic whack jobs to stop behaving like violent psychotic bigoted Islamic whack jobs. In a part of the world that treats anybody who doesn’t believe Mohammedanism with misery, suffering or death (or in most cases all 3) it would seem there are probably enough suspects to go around. Instead they are blaming the CIA, Mossad and Sky Pixies who apparently are in collusion to discredit Islam by killing Christians. Because apparently CIA Predator drones are suffering a dearth of targets in the country and can't find anybody at all to shoot their missiles at. Expect this idiotic conspiracy theory to gain credence in the coming years amongst the readers of the Guardian and fellow left travellers.

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NickM said...

"...that treats anybody who doesn’t believe Mohammedanism with misery, suffering or death..."

The truly dismal fact is that the Muslims don't exactly avoid such iniquities either.

Pakistan is a spherically vile state.

(Old astrophysics joke from Fritz Zwicky - "spherical" as in any which way you look at it).

But, yeah being a Pakistani Christian must be bloody awful.

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