Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dior, Galliano and the Jewish people.

Fashion people tend to be a bit vacuous, oh fuck it, let’s not beat round the bush - they’re as shallow as a car park puddle. They make Actors look positively brilliant in comparison, and the comparison one usually makes with actors IQ is usually some form of inert mineral. People who get terribly excited about the difference between Periwinkle Blue and Cerulean Blue on this seasons hem lines tend to be as interesting as Train Spotters, but with less hardy and practical clothing, and a glass of champagne instead of a thermos of Bovril. So it’s obviously quite interesting when one of them says something controversial because they so rarely do (A handbag shaped like the Cerne Abbas todger doesn’t count as controversial – its just dumb).

A Mr J Galliano (who is a fashion designer, not a liqueur you put in a Harvey Wallbanger) has been apparently caught on Video saying "I love Hitler”; "People like you would be dead today,". "Your mothers, your forefathers, would be fucking gassed and dead.". And apparently this chap has form when it comes to Anglo-Jewish relations. This on first glances is a bit of a surprise, I always thought that despite the best efforts of the Guardian and the 2000 odd lobotomised gibbons of the BNP (who are so stupid that they put a picture of a Polish Crewed Spitfire on their anti- Eastern European immigration literature), the British haven’t really had a beef with Jewish people since 1190 and Clifford’s Tower.

But then Mr Galliano lives in France,. where even if he didn't say this, the sentiment passes without comment in La France. A nation who when the Gestapo asked where all the Jewish people were; they pointed to the Boxcars and said that they already had them ready for shipping to their deaths. The nation of the Dreyfus affair; and a people less sympathetic to Israel than the Qods Force of Iranian revolutionary guard. My solution to a world free of anti-Semitism – hate the French instead.


H said...

You are, I fear, being a little hard on the French. It was far safer being a French Jew during the war than, say, a Dutch or Hungarian Jew. Not to say that the collaboration was pardonable, just that many people everywhere were behaving in despicable ways.

Bill said...

Yes, I would agree with what H said. The only ones who really stood up for their Jewish citizens were the Danes. The British (as far as the occupied Channel Islands are concerned) certainly are not in a position to jeer at the French even if, like the French, they probably played along with the occupiers only so far as they felt they had to. Had Britain proper been occupied I am not very confident we would have reacted, had push come to shove, much differently than the French did.

marksany said...


Falco said...

@ Bill: To be fair to the islanders they were having to deal with 1 soldier for approximately every 2 of them. There's not a great deal of resistance possible under that level of occupation.

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