Monday, 7 March 2011

New Zealand earthquake

Now I make take the piss out of the Kiwis with their inability to see somebody wearing Black stamping on the ankle of somebody wearing White, or spear tackling somebody wearing Red. And then there’s the Kiwi Lateral Pass, the Hands up like an Italian running through the opposition backs and a Mr R McCaw’s ability to constantly kill the ball on the floor. They are a bunch of cheating bastards when it comes to Rugby.

Nevertheless they’re our kith and kin, and so when an earthquake hits them it hits us too. Ditto the Breadstealers when their floods hit. So obviously my sympathies go out to the New Zealand people, our friends, when something horrific hits them. Earthquakes in New Zealand aren’t anything new, Napier is an Art Deco town because it was completely flattened by an earthquake just as Art Deco architecture was being built – so the whole town changed.

I hope Christchurch can create something good from the terrible tragedy that has hit it. I wasn’t aware of this until speaking to Kiwi friends, but apparently the build quality of homes is dreadful in New Zealand. Hopefully this earthquake will change this so the homes can survive earthquakes better and lives can be saved. Government can do good as long as they recognise and know what they should be doing, and this is something they can do to positively change the lives of New Zealanders for the better.

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