Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Are you stupid enough to vote no? The AV Vote

It seems the No to AV vote has had a big boost coming up to the Holidays where any canvassing – For or Against - will result in a hearty go forth from the British public. The conversation will go something like this…

Evangelical Canvasser: “Would you care to Vote Yes to AV”
Doorstopee “I’m off to B&Q to get some wood grout for the windows”
Evangelical Canvasser: “It’s a vital change to our political process…”
Doorstopee “I’m Covered in Paint, have just nearly electrocuted myself and my knuckles are bleeding from trying to get wood screws into a breeze block. I’m not interested”.
Evangelical Canvasser: “But your vote would count twice if your first choice…
Doorstopee “Look, Fuck off and fuck off now”.

So basically the Pro-Yes strategy of roping in a few Luvvies, and calling anybody who doesn’t want a permanent coalition government Stupid has backfired. Their only hope is that they can encourage enough Scots to bother turning up.

Personally I’ll be voting no because AV is more expensive and I am unwilling to spend any more money on our elected scumbags – even if it doesn’t directly go into their Mortgage/Plasma Telly/Mock Tudor Beams/Moat cleaning (although with Neil Kinnock having a stake in the voting machines needed for this voting process a lot of money will). It will give Nazis and Communists a say in our political process, and will mean every election is ultimately decided by whining smug tosspots like Vince Cable. Oh and because when Fiji introduced it, it was so shit that there was a Military Coup - in a part of the world where nothing controversial has happened since they ate their last Missionary in 1867.

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