Thursday, 28 April 2011

Calm Down Dear

The hypocrisy of T’Brothers stinks on this one. They slag people off left right and centre – see here. And it’s a damn site more nasty and unpleasant than a gag from a TV commercial. There’s lefties I’m aware of who are going to drink Champagne on Lady Thatcher’s (PBUH) Death. So for them to whine about a little putdown by Cameron taken off a TV commercial is pathetic.

If Call me Dave had said to Angela Eagle “Would you kindly shut the fuck up you hatchet faced Harridan. You’re voice is as grating as a donkey with laryngitis and a traffic cone up its arse. Your face is like a waxwork Munch left on a radiator and my pet hamster has a larger IQ” then perhaps he could be called out for being a bit rude and patronising.

The only people who will give a shit about this are people whose lives are so shallow and pointless they look to take offense at anything.

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