Thursday, 28 April 2011

Chaser, Australia, Free Lunches and the Royal Wedding

The Breadstealers are joining in on the bitching about the Royal Wedding coverage, following the Americans whining about the fact that they’re turning the Palace lights off at midnight to save money. They were hiring two live feeds on the wedding. One for the official Royal Wedding with the official commentary, one for a bunch of Comedians to put their own take on it. The Palace turned round and said – err no. You can do a factual programme or none at all. Save the Comedy for the Australian Cricket Team batting line up.

Now the Aussies are divided on this, those that say this “Chasers” team are about as funny as a day trip to Auschwitz are saying “bravo” to the Royal Household. The ones who have spat the dummy (including Kevin Rudd – remember him - short really crap ex Aussie PM) are whining about free speech and Republics, born equal, Mel Gibson in Gallipoli, blah, blah, blah.

As far as free speech is concerned, there's absolutely nothing stopping these people flying to London, hiring a camera crew, doing the filming themselves and saying whatever the hell they want. But they’re too cheap to shell out any money themselves, despite the Commodity led strength of the Aussie Dollar. Quite frankly these people need to shit or get off the pot. Put up or shut up etc.

If you lend somebody your front lawn because they're too cheap to buy their own; then instead of having a Barbie they have a monster truck rally, you're quite within your rights to tell them to fuck off. Doesn't make you the Stasi.

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