Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ow Much!?

A few years back a Colleague of mine was wandering through a brand new Waitrose – the first in Yorkshire to open. He said the only thing he heard wandering through the store was the fine Yorkshire Accent everywhere in the store saying “Ow Much?!”. This sprang to mind when one of our Great Universities – Oxford, Cambridge, Hull has decided to charge the grand total of £9,000 per year for its courses. Now Hull isn’t my Alma Matter so I can’t be too certain how good its courses are, but its hardly mentioned in the same sentence as Harvard Business School .

If you are studying science and get to boil Gold Filings in Test tubes every day then I reckon £9k per year is about fair. But a pointless degree in Media Studies for £9k from Hull – Ow much?!


Anonymous said...

Since the majority of graduates of Hull in meeja studies probably wont earn enough to repay the debt the fees charged are totally irrelevant.

Brilliant accounting, as the write offs get to be taken by a future government. More off balance sheet liabilities, although these are contingent provisions against improbable assets.

This seems to be a voluntary tax, wonder how many will choose to stick around and pay it.

Anonymous said...

theres a wall of postit note "suggestions" at UCLan's library in response to "what do you expect in return from UCLan for £9000?"

6k change and enrolement anywhere else is the general response

Pedant in Chief said...

Hopefully even at Hull on a media studies course they would let you know that the word is "wander" around

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why the government is surprised that nearly every course everywhere is going to cost £9,000.

Universities are part of the public sector. Did anyone seriously expect public sector organisations to charge less than they were allowed to? They'll find ways to waste the money.

Found A Voice said...

Anon - 7.22.

I thought universities were private institutions...

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