Monday, 11 April 2011

Pull Over

“Quiet family man” who went nuts and shot a Senior Officer should have been weeded out according to numerous card carrying geniuses who have a 20/20 vision when it comes to hindsight. Certain things can be spotted before a tragedy happens, social services should be able to work out when a kid that is under their care isn’t seen outside an A&E for 3 months then something is wrong. Ditto an angry nonce with access to a shed load of firearms who took pictures of boys in the nip. But changing your name to Fifi Trixabelle and listening to Rap music isn’t a great big mental klaxon in most people’s head – outside swerving an invite to the pub with him.

At the same time you have the usual whining from the family of said whack job. Instead of apologising to the family of the deceased for fathering such a fuck up, they have to whine about the fact that it isn’t their little precious’s fault. Par example Grandpa said of Grandson lunatic "I know he had become disillusioned with it all. I am angry that he hadn't been allowed home if that's what he wanted.”. Well Boo hoo he got disillusioned, Man the Fuck Up. And what does Grandad expect a Nuclear Attack submarine to do whilst on patrol? Surface in front of the first “Russian Trawler” it finds and leave him onboard to get drunk on Cod and Vodka, pull into the nearest Club Med resort?

First we had the whining little fuck that blubbed when the Iranians confiscated his Ipod and now this. I don’t know what a bunch of Pansies the Royal Navy are producing, but I’d put all your money on the Army at Twickenham this year.


startledcod said...

Classic Dude!

subrosa said...

I always put my money on the army. :)

Tim Newman said...

Fortunately the Navy have a few Royal Marines playing in their side. A mate of mine played flanker for them a couple of years back, he was immense.

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