Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Burying Bin Laden

People are firstly complaining that he was shot whilst unarmed. Quite frankly I couldn’t care less whether he was caught with his pants round his ankles pleasuring himself with a Royal Agricultural Show Prize winning leek. The guy has killed thousands of people, practically all of them unarmed. What goes around comes around. It is perfectly legal to shoot unarmed people if they are controlling the actions of armed people. People with a cell phone in their hand controlling artillery or IED’s can be shot depending on the rules of engagement. So Osama counts on that score.

Secondly we understand the “Muslim world” is angry at the treatment of the body. The simple fact is that the Muslim world gets angry reading the contents of a Ketchup bottle, so we shouldn’t be too worried about this latest slight. Maybe they would have less stressful lives and fewer ulcers if they got a bit less angry about everything. Besides they would have been a great deal more angry with what I planned for the body. Parts of him in Smithsonian Museum -Head pickled in Alcohol with kids paying a buck a pop to have a look, the rest of him fed into the Boilers of the USS Cole.


JimmyGiro said...

How about crucifixion?

That always works to quell a movement.

Anonymous said...

Better still. He should have been fed to the pigs Hannibal Lector style with his feet as an entre.

Whatever bones were left after the pigs had dealt with him could then be buried under a ton of pig shit and pig carcasses.

Sure, the "Muslim World" would have issues with that, but frankly - Fuck 'em!

Tarka the Rotter said...

Excellent! Just excellent...

Umbongo said...

The British in India were made of rather more robust stuff. One Moslem rebel against British rule in the mid-19th century was executed by hanging, had his body wrapped in a pig skin and was then cremated. His ashes were thrown (literally) to the dogs. Dropping Osama's body into the sea (if, indeed, that's what happened) is pathetic.

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