Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lib Dems, Lords Reform and AV

It seems the Wooly In-betweens now want rewards and prizes despite loosing the AV vote by twelve sore bottoms to none. After a gargantuan hissy fit they are talking about wanting Lords reform and binning the NHS reforms. How very Liberal Democrat Sports day. “Don’t worry little Portia, your partner may have used your nose as a Mouldboard plough, and as a result you came dead last in the wheelbarrow race. But remember, there are no losers in a Lib Dem Land. You are all winners here, so you all get prizes. You’ve all won some Organic Peace Crisps and this Amnesty International Coffee mug.

I have to have some sympathy for Nick Clegg. He went into coalition government with the Conservatives to prove that his party could be grown ups. Yet behind him - and continuing the school analogy - Chris Huhne and Vince Cable are flicking bogies at each other and saying that each others' mums smell of poo.

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