Monday, 9 May 2011

No Vote

Guess 67.9% of people didn’t want an Islington Thousand Year Reich then?


startledcod said...

That's absolutely right. Why can't Mincey Vincey and I'm-banging-a- bisexual-aren't-I-cool Huhne understand that is wasn't the evil Tories telling lies, it wasn't that damnably ruthless 'No' campaign that thwarted their dreams it was that 679 out of every 1000 people who could be bothered to express a preference thought it a bad idea to change the way we elect MPs. Yep, that's over 2 to 1.

Its called democracy. Time to wind up the Electoral Reform Society.

David Chiverton said...

I voted Yes, but this is is definitely the funniest summary of the result I've seen.

mark said...

Don't you mean the islington thousand queer reich?

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