Monday, 9 May 2011

Scottish Independence

Dear Scotland.

Want some more tasteful and sophisticated monuments? Something that really fits with how you want the rest of the world to see Scotland – Vote Alex and FREEEEDOM.


Perry de Havilland said...

I cannot say how delighted I am that English, oopsie, I mean Scottish independence is a step closer.

Let the Scottish state have 100% control of North Sea Oil revenues as well as quickly as possible s anything that deprives Westminster of money is a good, not a bad thing.

Let the SNP have the means to finance an indolent Northern Socialist Nirvana... hell I'd even pay good money to finance moving the entire population of Islington (and maybe Oldham) north of the border whilst any Scottish entrepreneurs who want to sell up whilst they still can and dash south into England.

Anonymous said...

Afore ya' go matey. Don't forget there's a bill ta be paid.

We'll take the lions share of the debts naturally. Just give you your share of the debts according to the Barnett formula.

Sorry? What do you mean that even with all of the oil revenues you'd be fucking insolvent from day one.

Tough fucking shit matey boy! Divorce is a bitch isn't it?

The Chairman of Selectors said...

Christ, the fucking Scotch won't vote for independence. We know it, they know it. But most English are desperate to be rid of them. We talk racism all the time in our feeble country. You want real racism, just be English and go north of the border. I would love the Scotch to be independent. To be rid of them. But they are addicted to English taxes, like one of their thousands of crack addicts in the hellhole Glasgow sink estates. And if they get independence and go bust, who will be left to pick up the pieces? (for no thanks mind - see Ireland and all the bloody thanks we got from them when we bailed them out). Its one way traffic the whole time. Us English used and abused. The Scotch pretend to want independence, but they will vote no. Why? Cos it means they can carry on moaning about the English all day.

Stranger Here Myself said...

Chairman of Selectors: ‘most English are desperate to be rid of [Scotland]’. In your separatist dreams! In 2010 the English Democrats accumulated 0.26% of the English vote, that’s 0.17% of the English electorate. Thank the Good Lord, the vast majority of English are loyal and the Union is safe. ‘[A]ddicted to English taxes’, are we? I don’t know about ‘addicted’, but as we pay our taxes to H.M. Treasury just the same as every other Briton, be he resident in Londonderry, Cardiff, Glasgow or Newcastle, we cannot legally avoid paying them. ‘The Scotch pretend to want independence’—No, few of us are interested (as of 2010, the SNP obtained only 19.93% of the vote cast, so representing only 12.72% of the Scottish electorate), and more Union Jacks can be seen from Edinburgh’s Princes Street than from Waterloo Bridge—and that includes the Union Jack above the Palace of Westminster. Final point: out of the 544 deaths in Iraq & Afghanistan since 2001, 45 of them are Scottish—8.3%; Scotland’s population being reckoned about 8.61% of the UK total, that sounds like we’re pulling our weight. I served myself, incidentally (Ulster)—have you?

Still Scottish, Always British—Quis separabit?

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