Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Brian Haw’s Death

The tramp Protestor who invented Iraq war dead numbers that looked like long distance phone lines, and who has been hanging round Parliament square since just after 9/11 - Brian Haw - has died of Lung Cancer. And while I champion his right to say what he says, I wish he hadn’t been an unwashed arsehole living of the dole to do it. If I wanted to fund protest, I’d give money to the Socialist Worker Party.

People say he was an idealist who had the courage of his convictions. Well Pol Pot risked a bullet when he was fighting the Neutralists, Royalists and CIA backed Hmong Tribesmen. He dreamed of a beautiful agrarian la la land where all the peasants were happy and the children had gum drop smiles under his benign hand. Doesn’t mean Pol Pot wasn’t a cunt with fucked up ideas. The Daily Mail says he shamed the liars in Parliament. Only if the Liars in Parliament are vulnerable to questionable personal hygiene and a lot of bad signs.

Travelgall’s solution. We must allow protest but at the same time balance the freedom of protest with the freedom of not being bored to death by annoying arseholes. What I reckon they should do is turn over Parliament square to the Caravan club who will charge £35.00 per night plus Vat to camp there. Have your protest, and then if you want to stay there - pay up or fuck off. You have the right to protest, not the right to turn a communal area into a shit tip.

Anyhow, must dash. I’m off to the Faslaine Nuclear Demo with 600,000 Filterless Woodbines.


Sean said...

And the NHS not good enough for his final discarded fag end.

Anonymous said...

@cnn @rumsfeldoffice


Demetrius said...

As someone who did not like the Iraq business and the Aghan adventure even less, despite being a Cold War Hawk in my time, Brian Haw was a public nuisance whose legacy has been a Westminster that is now almost an armed camp.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me, the MSM would never print that!

I have to say I don't really have an opinion other than agreeing with the post above, i.e. round parliament has turned into a bloody armed camp.

It seems sad that a man's stand is turned into a few offhand comments online, but at the same time, why did MSM always report on the chap? Heaven forbid it was to report something 'odd'for public consumption.

Anyways, whilst I agree with your points, I don't agree with the way you put them across, too cold and unfeeling for me, though as you say, I defend your right to say them as you like.


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