Monday, 27 June 2011

Grocer goes gaga

I honestly thought that the 2007 Butler inquest pursued at vast expense to the public purse to explore the ravings of idiots, retards and mad men had finally put this to Bed. But, it seems that the Egyptian Ex- grocer has returned to his mad ravings with the help of Keith Allen (Stick to being the Sherriff of Nottingham son). Every tin foil hat wearing idea has been blown out of the water as comprehensively as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, yet here they go again with more crap now the last crap has been proved to have more holes than a colander. And thus the bilge "Unlawful Killing" is born.

The funding of this film came from a control freak whose son died because he hired a drunk to drive him, what’s worse is that he got somebody other than his own flesh and blood killed too because of his stupidity and arrogance. Dodi Al-Fayed died because his father transferred his son from a hotel suite to his own apartment, with the press pack in tow. Mr Fayed’s ego wanted the world to know his son was knobbing Nobility. He fucked up, it is now time he learned to live with that.


Anonymous said...

A concise a summary as one could wish. 'nuff said

Anonymous said...

Pretty much sums up Dodi was arrogant and would be alive if he had "Belted Up"!
Like Jimmy Saville used to say... "Clunk Click, Every Trip!"
But the shopkeeper of the SW1 Souk clearly needs to get professional help. If he does not like our Royal Family and Country why is the bad mannered boorish fool still here?

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