Friday, 24 June 2011

No Surely not!

The Metro came out with a front page article on the numbers of deaths from drugs use. Now my blog colleague Jackart has probably bored you rigid with his Party Political Broadcasts for the Crank Whore party so I’m not going there. What I will do is draw your attention to part of the article.

"Michael Linnell, from the drug and alcohol charity Lifeline, said he had seen a ‘dramatic’ fall in the number of young people taking heroin. He added: ‘Most of the people who are heroin addicts are in middle age and have been taking the drug for many years which takes its toll on their health and kills them".

I wonder how long they took to work that one out. Lifeline commission a doctorate on that one? Message to those working towards a Phd. If you get a charity to pay for you to do a project that is so blatantly obvious, that even a toddler group could work it out by the use of finger painting, then people reserve the right to use finger quotes when calling you Doctor. Heroin addicts don’t take care of themselves, no surely not. People need to be told that Opiates don’t contain Vitamin C, Folic Acid and one of your 5 daily. Where is the government on this?


startledcod said...

I thought Jackart was the PPC for the Crack Whore Party.

JimmyGiro said...

"‘This report demonstrates the need for a renewed focus in dealing with the global drugs market to properly protect our communities,’ she added."

The report is a quango begging letter. Most of the statistics can be interpreted rather loosely, as they are based on 'drugs related' deaths.

So much less paper work for plod if she ticks the death-by-drugs box. Suicides, diseases, heart attacks, strokes, all need some level of investigation; but death-by-drugs has collateral advantages for plod and quangos alike.

There's a war on after all; and where there's war, there's money, and the taking of liberties with the truth.

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