Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Open Season

Excellent news, the British nation is allowed to hunt again. No, its not Foxes, and people won’t be able to dust off their Double Barrelled Shotgun, but this will do for now. The British government have allowed open season on Burglars. Marvellous. It doesn’t specify the length of the knife, but since I have a sword collection I suspect when I bag my first it will look something like this…

But remember Kids, they have to be in your house and they can’t be running away. Tempt them in by recording Jeremy Kyle whilst you’re out on Sky Plus and then play it really loud. Leave your door open and leave a paper trail of KFC Buckets and Elizabeth Duke Jewellery brochures leading to your place of residence. And then knock yourself out. What remains can be savaged by your Dog. As long as he doesn’t make it to your front door he’s all yours.

1 comment:

bfreeman0 said...

haha love this, especially the KFC bit. This will definitely become a sport.

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