Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sepp Blatter, FIFA and the FA

Now I know that I have previously said that Football is a game for frothing homosexuals who make Julian Clary look like Bear Grylls; and who dive like a death scene in a School production of Romeo and Juliette. Haven’t I? Well I have now. But for some unknown reason I have been watching the Sepp Blatter corruption scandal with avid interest. This is great car crash TV, not only because it involves a dreary sport full of overpaid and over coiffured girls that I can’t stand aiming a blunderbuss straight. But that it involves huge amounts of bribes in the centre of Switzerland - where nothing has happened since the Wars of Kappel - diseasing a game.

It also allows me to laugh heartily at corrupt Foreigners. I mean real foreigners, not our Transatlantic and Antipodean Cousins in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. But proper foreigners who have the words “Peoples” “Democratic” and/or “Republic” in the title of their third word toilet of a nation. People whose names are “Wi Do-Ping” “Baksheesh” or “Las Malvinas son Argentinas” – Mal to his mates. Especially the bitching by the slimy oik from Buenos Aires who once declared that Jewish people couldn’t referee as “Jews don’t like hard work”. The righteous indignation he managed to drum up to justify his corruption was something rather special to behold. I’m surprised he didn’t start quoting the course and nautical speed of the Belgrano to justify his bribes and free lunches.

As a Rugby man I can only say – marvellous stuff. Watch and learn.

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