Friday, 17 June 2011

Vancouver, Canada – I feel let down by you

Dear Vancouver,
As a city peopled by stout Yeoman stock from these fair isles I feel disgusted by you perpetuating a violent series of actions that has zero true meaning and is a reflection of the vacuous nature of the culture and society we live in that. Actions that value cheap thrills and brutality mixed in a heady cocktail of nihilism. And the bad sportsmanship on display that truly sickens me to the heart. You should play proper sports like Cricket and Rugby.

And speaking of Ice Hockey, trashing your town wasn’t a good idea either, you spoilt little shits. When the Detroit Pistons trash their town it doesn't matter because its screwed anyway, but people notice when you destroy a town in British Colombia.


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Single acts of tyranny said...

I have to agree with you. I don't get the logic of smashing up a town, especially one you live in. I can understand football fans fighting each other for the adrenaline and the boasting rights, but what does buring something down really achieve other than to make your won toem that bit more crappy?

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