Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wimmin Unite

There seems a load of shite around at the moment regarding Feminists being really annoying and really really stupid. Firstly we had Germaine Greer equivocating all soldiers with rape – Nothing mentioned about the fact that the study was probably derived from “Soldiers” in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Russian conscripts, not the professional armies of NATO. This whackjob then said a daughter giving her dad a goodnight kiss sexualises them. Oh that’s right, instead of showing your child love and attention - you should either ignore them or beat them, kids grow up so much more well adjusted when that happens.

Then we had the Grauniad backing her up with some cock clag I can’t be bothered to read again or quote. Suffice to say its utter drivel. The author then bangs on about how women won’t admit to flicking the bean when they’re on their own. Maybe this is a good thing that women should be congratulated about? The amount of people boring me about their sex lives is legion. Its quite rare for people to shut up about it. It’s even leaked into the broadsheets like the Evening Standard with a stripper crapping on about how many women she’s shagged this week. Save it for the top shelf love, you’re boring me.

And finally we have a study from the Feminist Society for the Psychology of Women who says that Chivalry is a form of sexism. Obviously we must first draw attention to this organisation, who, if their title is anything to go from are a criminal waste of oxygen. Men are particularly patronising about computers apparently.

Tell you what love, learn to turn the fucking thing on, and then we won’t have to be patronising. Ditto Parallel Parking whilst you’re at it. And if you didn’t buy 8 bags worth of clothes that look exactly like the 80 bags you already have we wouldn’t have to open doors for you either. Wimmin, grab life’s Tampax by the string, the solution is in your own hands.

The survey very kindly points out that Women could also be guilty too. And fucking then some! I could moan about how your mother going into patronising mode the first time you bring a child home, or the voice you get when can’t find the cheese in the fridge because she’s decided to move the cheese to a place behind 8 packs of mung beans or whatever vegetation your wife eats when you don’t do the cooking. Funny how they also don’t quote the 8,000 adverts on TV that shows men as card carrying retards being guided by PHD Superwoman on how to buy car insurance/bread/motorbikes etc. Payback from the 1950’s I grant you, but you’re hardly occupying (if that’s not too penis waving rapist male soldier a word) moral high ground here. I could moan about all of this constantly, but I don’t because there’s nobody paying me shit loads of money from the public purse to be a professional whiner.


JimmyGiro said...

Before, during, and after the Second World War, it was morally expedient to make a distinction between 'Germans' and 'Nazis'; so that people could believe they were fighting for the general 'good' of all, against the 'bad' guys; in pursuit of lasting peace with Germany.

The public lunacy of feminists requires the same expediency, in that we need to distinguish between women and feminists; in our pursuit of lasting sanity for the human race.

Single acts of tyranny said...

I would love someone to tell me, face to face, that I am sexualising my toddler with a kiss goodnight.

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