Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Gobshites and Utoya Norway Shootings. Glen Beck and Aslak Sira Myhre

Both sides of the Political spectrum are using the shootings at Utoya to rather distastefully bash their political opponents. On the Right we have Mr Glenn Beck who has compared the political camp at Utoya to the Hitler Youth. Now due to my distrust of politics, politicians and the political process that gains power without merit, it would not be my idea of fun to be stuck somewhere I would have to swim across a freezing Fjord to get away. But to compare this Political Camp to the Hitler Youth is distasteful and plain wrong after what has happened. All political parties throughout history have Youth movements, including Young Republicans. These people did not deserve to die, pure and simple. This was a vile act, and accusing these people of deserving it in some way is beneath contempt. You Sir are a Prick.

And on the other side we have the Grauniad, who before the bodies are even cold are calling anybody who disagrees with open door immigration as violent Neo-Nazis who are to blame for all of the West’s troubles. They will see that full multiculturalism is a land of milk and honey, and anybody that disagrees will be locked up. That sounds familiar, reminds me more than a bit of the Soviet Union locking up its dissidents in Mental institutions. The author also ignores the wider European Terrorist movements that have blighted Democracy, The Bader-Meinhof Gang, Red Brigades, 17th November, ETA, INLA and of course the Millions killed by the Soviet Union. Just because Brigitte Mohnhaupt killed people, it doesn’t mean that John Prescott is a physical threat to anything except a Desert Trolley.

I disagree with my co-blogger about the need for nation states and boarders but fully support controlled immigration and am willing to argue the point. Aslak Sira Myhre is basically calling anybody who wants to discuss changing an open door immigration policy and Militant Islam mentally ill and must be crushed. Oh that’s a good idea, force normal people outside the political process too, what could possibly go wrong with that?

Whilst not the world’s expert on Norway, I have visited Norway over 10 Times, speak conversational Norwegian (I studied the language for 4 years a decade ago) and have Norwegian friends who were in Oslo when the bomb went off. I have a great affection for Norway and have a great respect for its people, indeed Love everything about the place except Brunost, Lutefisk, the price of a Beer and its Politics. They are a great people with an admirable bluntness and honesty, so let me be blunt and honest in return. The level of Political debate in Norway is pathetic; and whilst no excuse, may have been one of the precipitating factors in this atrocity (the main one being of course being that Anders Brevik is a nasty little asshole).

Norway has moved since World War II from insularity and naivety caused by Poverty, to insularity and naivety caused by its extreme oil wealth. Previously nobody went to Norway because they were dirt poor, and only if Norwegians went to sea did they see anything outside their own country. Until these attacks Norway believed that giving money to noble causes would insulate you from the world’s hatred. This is not the case. Before 9/11 there was Timothy Mcveigh. Norway would be foolish to imagine the threat only comes from Angry White People just as the rest of the world would be foolish to imagine the only threat comes from Angry Bearded People.

Norway has shown its basic goodness and nobility in some very trying times. This is a great thing. But it will protect and strengthen itself even more from the actions by idiots by opening up political debate more; not closing it down in the light of Anders Behring Breviks actions.


Anonymous said...

On BBC last night, after a long segment finishing with an explanation of the call by the Norwegian left to boycott ABB, (i.e. nobody should read his manifesto or listen to him) - the next sentence was "Everyone is now asking one question: Why?".

I almost laughed.

Single acts of tyranny said...

I have to agree, Beck can really over reach sometimes which is a shame because every now and again, he makes sense.

Ditto on the Norweigan stuff. My Grandad was from Norway, (hence a really suspect middle name) and I also really like the people.

Henry Crun said...

As tragic as this event is in Norway, I can't help but think that if the perpetrator was called Andre Brevecque and the same scenario had played out in Nazi-occupied France, he would have been hailed a hero.

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