Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Army Cadets clean up Salford

I see that Cadets in Salford have been out cleaning up their neighbourhood following the riots. Once again proving that not all youths are feral brats.

Good on them. I guarantee that not only is it great PR, but that there is a better than average chance of the odd Chav seeing these kids being shown "respekt innit blud" from their elders. He'll realise that he isn't a real "Solja" because unlike Cadets, he doesn't wear the Queens Uniform and have access to assault rifles. Maybe, just maybe he will then realise how pointless his own life is do something about it. If only one scumbag decides to get an education and a job after seeing Cadet proudly cleaning up his community then the Cadet force will not only have saved a welfare payment that will pay for their annual ammunition allocation; they will also have made Great Britain a better place.

We as adults must support this too; we must mock their clothing and their ridiculous speech. We must remind them that their pointless lives are going nowhere. Its up to them - not the state - to do something about it.

One thing I did notice. The RAF cadets weren’t on hand to help repair Manicurists, the Lobby of the Crowne Plaza and the Radisson Edwardian Manchester. Nor did Harvey Nichols Manchester get any love from the RAF. I guess they were out of Crew Hours.


Bob of Bonsall said...

Please, as much as I agree with the sentiment, not a railway line. Have some consideration for the train drivers.

Anonymous said...

And lets be clear here..

The feral brats have been brought into this world by useless parents (normally singular) who in turn were egged on by scumbag lefties.

We need to focus our anger on the root causes and the shitheads responsible...

Anonymous said...

Foot and month disease = Cattle Cull

Broken society = Chav Cull

banned said...

No doubt the Gangsta Bro will be regretting burning down their own youth club in Salford.

I've only twice come face to face with Wiggers, both times at my provincial railway station; they appeared to be making quite reasonble requests for information. Both times I simply responded with "I'm so sorry but I can't understand you" and walked away.

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