Saturday, 20 August 2011

MoneyBox Live

Here's me, talking to the BBC's Moneybox live program, talking about Petrol Prices (5 minutes in) and the chances of a "Lost Decade" for the UK economy (20:30 & 22:45). They let

..."We shouldn't get sucked into a 'Stimulus Trap': Government cannot create demand out of thin air. Economies grow essentially by Government getting out of the way, allowing the Private sector to innovate"...
through, unchallenged. Economic sanity is gaining ground.


Charles said...


Shame it is on such a minority programme as Moneybox.

Hope that the poor presenter doesn't get his testicles fried by his BBC bosses

Robert Edwards said...

Clever of you to slip that one in -remarkable that it survived the i-player version.

Single acts of tyranny said...

It's remarkable that it's noteworthy, whereas the endless calls for stimulus spending don't elicit any remarks as they have become almost white noise

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