Friday, 19 August 2011

Sarkozy, Les Anglo Saxons and France going bust

“A new world is emerging before our eyes,” wrote Le Monde “A world less Anglo-Saxon.” Nicolas Sarkozy meanwhile said “A page has been turned,” he said, on the “Anglo Saxon” financial model. “Even our Anglo-Saxon friends are now convinced that we must have reasonable rules.”. The date April 3rd 2009. The G20 Summit where President Sarkozy claimed continental ideals were better than people us dim witted Brits, Yanks, Canadians, Aussies etc "I want the world to see the victory of the European model, which has nothing to do with the excesses of financial capitalism.". And what was this miracle model? It turns out it was betting lots and lots of money on the Bubbles, a nation where 50% of them are Communists on the State Tit still crapping on about the 67-74 Colonels regime, 25% are super rich and pay zero tax and only 25% of a very miserable middle class actually pay any money.

Of course the French also had a plan B. They waited until Jurgen was into his 3rd Vase of frothy beer down the “Pickelhaube and Piano”, showed lots of pictures of the Wehrmacht marching down the Champs Elise and made him open his wallet. They then peeled off 50 euro notes from the wedge he’d earned making inexplicably popular and very dull sports Cars to subsidise his farm the size of my dining room rug. Now the Germans bitch and moan about how we always keep mentioning Ze Var, but we haven’t used it as a 66 year excuse to keep stealing their money.

I expect no apology from our politicians for their vilification of bankers whilst doing the exact same thing for a bloated client state. But I do want our government to tell the French exactly where they can stick their Tobin tax “Idea”. 66 years of paying reparations for the loosers is a bit much. Now asking those that liberated them for Reparations too so they can live in their La La Land where everybody has a mistress, can urinate on their very own aircraft carpet, does about 5 hours work a day yet lives in a superpower that rivals those nasty Americans.

The difference between me and the Shortarse next door? The difference is I wouldn’t wish this on my next door neighbour Oh who am I kidding, there is no difference; I’m gloating like mad. We had to eat whole servings of French smug superiority because their economic policy was so much better than ours. Well as anybody who has actually been to France could see, it wasn’t any better. Indeed it was much much worse as those of us who live in London and watch their best and brightest going to work on the Tube every morning with a copy of Le Monde under their arms proves. They keep even more vast armies of State Bureaucrats on the payroll than we do, these figures are made even worse by the under the table protectionism and subsidy they give to their industry (how much do you think Air France pays for their Airbus planes?). They have vast amounts of unemployment and even the ones that do work take their bosses hostage and have a hissy fit if they are told to do something they don’t like. France has run Enron Bookkeeping for generations. And finally they have been found out because they can’t get the Germans to pay their bills any more.

David Cameron should shove this smug crap right back down their throats. But we won’t of course, because we’re British.


Antisthenes said...

I live in France am retired now but did run a business here for some years. Retirement good, running a business very very bad. Although Sarkozy has stolen a couple of Anglo Saxon ideas to help to encourage enterprise which has only erroded the massive black market a bit. Without the working under the arm sector France would be just another Marxist state, what am I saying it is a Marxist state.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Cameron says he'll veto it.

Just a matter of time until he caves in, of course.

This will be very damaging to the City of London, but what can you do, one must be a good little Euro-citizen, mustn't one.

Mr Ecks said...

Whatever that EU-sucking traitor Camoron does, the City needs to stand together and inform the euro-trash (and their Quislings over here)that they won't be paying it. Spend some money on on campaign to inform the public about this and many other EU-rip offs. iDave will piss his pants.

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