Tuesday, 20 September 2011

EU Referendum and Archbishop Cranmer

Archbishop Cranmer has recently said that if there were to be an EU referendum then the result could easily go the same way as the AV referendum, with the British Public supporting the status quo. He states that there is disunity amongst those advocating withdrawal – in his words a Peoples Front of Judea Vs Judean Peoples Front issue. Those advocating withdrawal should fear a referendum where the dice would be loaded against them from the beginning.

He states “The disparate, swivel-eyed, little-Englander, extremist, Right-Wing Withdrawalists would be up against the unified, enlightened at utterly reasonable voices of the entire Establishment – Government, BBC, Church (CofE and RC), and even the Monarchy itself”. I believe this overstates the point, firstly the Monarchy is Politically neutral and would hardly vote to disband themselves. The Establishment is considered a joke by Joe Public with its Sir Humphreys, Duck Houses, Moat Cleaning et all. The Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells can rail all he wants about the EU, just as they regularly rant about the evils of Israel, Conservatives, and BAE systems – but do you seriously pay them any attention? Unlike my co-blogger, I have a basic religious faith; but I wouldn’t pay the Church any attention if they were shouting out the answer to the Telegraph Crossword clue 4 Down, 5 Letters “God warned the Wise Men in a __ to take a different route home”.

And as for the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation. The print media is almost wholly negative about the EU, I’m sure Sky news would be too at a push, and ITV wouldn’t really give a rats arse either way as long as the Referendum didn’t conflict with the X Factor final. So those that want a return to an independent United Kingdom would have the Guardian, Independent and BBC to contend with. Hardly something to be feared me thinks, as the people who actually believe what they produce would vote to stay in the EU anyway; just in case withdrawal interrupted their Organic Tapenade supplies from Waitrose.

The argument of a unified leadership wouldn’t be an issue anyway. The AV Vote is a good example. The pro AV team were bouncing around like a dog with two dicks over the thought of binning first past the post. Yet an opposition team coalesced round the idea of keeping first past the post and won. The reason is that the AV idea was – to put it politely – a deeply complicated, expensive and fucking bone idea that gave politicians more power, not less. Never underestimate the British public’s total contempt for the British political class, a belief that every Politician was that annoying little drip at the front of the class kissing arse. How do you think they feel about foreigners of the same ilk? They’ll be queuing round the block to deliver a hearty fuck you to Brussels, especially when the Sun has told them in graphic detail exactly how much the EU costs the British taxpayer.

As for utterly reasonable voices, I suspect the simple argument of a sovereign government that managed to look after itself for 1000 odd years providing freedom and prosperity would stack rather well against the Historical Precedence of pretty much every single artificially constructed state with different cultures and languages from the Greek and Roman Empires to the Austro-Hungarian empire and Pan Arab Republic. It is the Pro EU mob that would sound shrill predicting doom and disaster should we have the temerity to leave.


Anonymous said...

I do think you underestimate the gloves off, any dirty trick, pure nastiness the stay-in faction will deploy.
I'd imagine all of those pro-euro media you mention have dirt on file on any leading voices for withdrawal. Nuclear stuff that in the ordinary way it's better kept from the plebs because when you stir the sh*t too vigorously the spray tends to fly in all directions. Add to that compromising material that can be created out of thin air by dirty-tricks operations deployed by establishment factions with vested interests & passed over unattributably.
It's easy to underestimate how important the outcome could be to portions of the great & good. There's billions riding on this. Whole careers at stake not only for the pols but cascading down through their cronies.Expecting the result to be left to the vagaries of the ballot box just isn't on for them.

And it goes past the result. You think that ends it? What happens if the result is just ignored. Already happened in France & Holland. Or not accepted in Ireland & Denmark. Do it again & get it right this time?
UK goes & the whole EU project's got the skids under it. The ripples go right round the world. You think they're gonna let us piss on all that?

Oh, I'm all in favour of a "let's get out" result but I don't expect it's going to be easy.

valdemar said...

Erm 'a sovereign government that managed to look after itself for 1000 odd years providing freedom and prosperity'?

Sorry, which country are we talking about?

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