Friday, 23 September 2011

England Rugby

Looking through the video I have to say that the England Player performance is really beginning to worry me. If you look closely you can see hesitation, a lack of concentration; and indeed the effects of a team building session down the Pub. Mike Tindal wobbles and weaves before finally allowing a blonde woman to shove his face in her dirty pillows. It’s the kind of performance you just hate to see. I suspect the greats of yesteryear – Leonard, Fitzpatrick, McBride, Williams would have dived in there with the reactions of a greased Gazelle after double the alcohol intake – and sung all 12 verses of “I used to work in Chicago” whilst motor boating between a fine pair of Breasts at the same time.

What has England Rugby come to, Mike Tindal is clearly drunk and there isn’t the merest hint of a flaming newspaper clamped twixt his cheeks whilst downing a Pint of Bitter. More importantly the man is from Yorkshire, another video of him swaying after a couple of Babychams and they should confiscate his Passport.

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