Thursday, 29 September 2011

How to win Rugby Friends and Influence People – Steve Tew and the 2015 World Cup Boycott

The NZRU chief Steve Tew has said that his team may boycott the 2015 Rugby World Cup held in England unless they change the Rules. Basically they are arguing that instead of the Rugby World Cup getting all the sponsorship money and distributing it according to the needs of World Rugby, the New Zealanders should get the most because they’re the biggest draw in World Rugby and because they don’t get the gate receipts for their tiny stadiums in a RWC year. Using a great deal of mental gymnastics New Zealand are the biggest draw, they don’t get money from the Northern Hemisphere playing games with them in RWC year yet the Northern Hemisphere aren’t an equal draw even though they provide 50% of the players for the game.

I remember when the Ram Rooters tried this last time back in 2004. They were claiming that the All Blacks were “Such a draw” that they should get 50% of the Gate Receipts at Twickenham. England quite rightly told the arrogant pricks to fuck off and fuck off now. We’ll share gate receipts with Romania (which we did – I was there) because we believe in growing the game and helping out those in Rugby less fortunate than ourselves, but the Kiwis lack of money is quite frankly a self inflicted injury. The Kiwis could solve their money problem by building 1 great big 80,000 Stadium in Auckland but won’t because of their idiotic insistence on sending the All Blacks to play in Invercargill (Pop 50,000), the Ross Ice Shelf and Chatham Island.

Maybe England should send New Zealand Rugby a bill for their visit to earthquake hit Christchurch? Mr Tew being more interested in Money than the Rugby spirit of helping those less fortunate than themselves. Now I’m not arguing for World Socialism in Rugby, that the RWC should be a 100% money generating attempt to provide tackle bags and holes without socks for the Namibians. But the fact is that right now the Northern Hemisphere generates the cash – viz full 82,000 Twickenham and full club games. The South Provides the competition but with the exception of Australia feck all money. Rugby quite rightly sees the “Minow” nations like the US, Canada, and Russia as a good business prospect, - New Zealand – until they strike Oil to put it politely aren’t - no matter how much Anchor Butter the offload.

The simple fact is that if this World Cup had been held in a country with proper stadiums the Kiwi’s wouldn’t have been left in this position. But they whined about how this was the last ever chance New Zealand would have to hold the World Cup. So instead of Japan with loads of Money, Hotels and Stadiums we got 1 x 60,000 capacity stadium and a bunch of 36,000 stadiums, the Rotorua Holiday Inn and a currency that doesn’t stretch much further than being pinned above a pub in Earls Court. As a result the RFU coffers are empty and New Zealand don't get first dibs.

The Ram Rooters and Bread Stealers are being a bunch of greedy selfish pricks, I expect it from John “We all hate England” O’Neill because the man is a double chinned arrogant fat cunt with Oak Leaf Clusters, but I expect the Ram Rooters to at least manage to shut the fuck up whilst they’re holding the World Cup. But instead we get “Sorry minnows, All Black shit will always smell sweeter than yours, learn your place and be grateful we allow you on the same pitch as us once every 4 years”. If the IRB had any pods, they’d tell the Ram Rooters that the Final will now be held in Fiji, we’ll pay for the two teams flights, and let them refund all 50 people they manage to fit into the Dave’s Used Ute Memorial Stadium.


Anonymous said...

As a proud Bread Stealer I would suggest that you are a cretin of the highest order. The reason "we all hate the English" is probably down to people like you.

Seeing as you've got so many folks to fill the stadiums maybe you can explain why you haven't got fifteen guys who can play the game?

Travelgall said...

And can you explain why the funds used at the moment to grow the game of Rugby should go to the All Blacks instead of growing the game of Rugby? New Zealand wanted the World Cup, they got it, and now want to screw the next world cup up because they think they're better than anybody else. And what is worse is that their financial problems is something of their own making. If you can't see what a whiny selfish attitude this is then you're no fan of the game.

Remind me again what happened when we played in the last two world cups. Or the last 2 games we played against Australia. Amazing since we can't get 15 guys to play the game.

I'm not arguing that England get all the money, quite the opposite in fact. I'm not arguing that England deserve priority treatment - O'Neill is with Australia. I want to see the game grow in places like the US, Japan, Russia and Canada. And that takes RWC money. But because you're "such a big draw" you are. Completely ignoring the fact that the Northern Hemisphere teams loose out too a RWC year.

I can point to gate receipts being given to Romania, The setting up of the Churchill Cup. The introduction of Italy into the 6 nations. The offer of the RFU to host a plate competition during the RWC to grow the game outside its traditional base. Please point out what has made you so proud, where Australia has helped the little guys.

Bill said...

I like your style in this article. I don't agree with it 100%, but it is certainly a bit curious to watch the matches at some of the more remote NZ stadia when, as you say, the same match held at a proper big stadium in Auckland would generate much more gate money. Yes, the NZ with their Haka is a big draw, but it is NOT what the game is about, ultimately.

(As a Scot, incidentally, I do wish 'our' team did not have to sing along to that awful dirge 'O Flower of Scotland' - what's wrong with 'God Save the Queen'?, or failing that 'Scotland the Brave', at least it's a rousing tune.)

andy5759 said...

Well said sir. This article has given me my biggest chuckle of the week. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that rather predictable response particularly pointing out the very recent renaissance in English sport. Your cricket team is a once in a generation phenomenon and it will be a formidable opposition for the foreseeable future. The rugby team have had their glory days and wheeling out Johnnie Wilkinson, despite his poor kicking of late, is surely a sign of desperation. The current Wallabies team is not great but at least they don't resort to ball tampering or peel-off shirt numbers.

The Northern Hemisphere has always had more influence over how these tournaments are run and as you imply, correctly, it's all about money. Considering the turmoil in Europe and the parlous state of the British pound I find your remarks regarding the NZ currency very strange, if not downright delusional. The Brits I meet here in Sydney can't afford to shout a round and whine about how everything is so expensive. I'd not thought of sticking a few pounds on the pub wall, but now you mention it, the idea is growing on me.

Anyway, I don't think the English can call anybody arrogant pricks unless it's tongue in bloody cheek. That's what you lot are known for and one of the things you are good at. If you don't like major sporting events happening at smaller venues you're missing the point. The world cup is an occasion for the whole country and sport should be inclusive. If the entire world cup was staged in Auckland the turnout wouldn't be assured anyway.

I lived in England for a few years and was shocked by the lack of sporting opportunity for the ordinary townsfolk. No tennis courts, playing fields, pools, to speak of. Everyone sitting on their arses watching TV, drinking warm beer or alternatively, paying exhorbitant prices to watch players (soccer in particular) who have no connection to their region, often coming from overseas.

So do enjoy your new found success in the sporting arena after years in the doldrums. But please don't expect it to last. It'll be business as usual come the Olympics. I always enjoy checking out the medals tally. Priceless.

Travelgall said...

Andy, If the IRB were pissing all the money up the wall like FIFA on Claret and Caviar then I would have a bit of sympathy for our Colonial Cousins - other than the fact that they're acting like Lady Muck before Richie McCaw has won them the bloody World Cup. But they're not, the IRB are giving the money to people with feck all resources and growing the love of the game.

They're being selfish cunts. And anybody with an ounce of intellectual honesty would admit it. And since 7s is going to be an Olympic sport soon, If I were New Zealand I'd be as helpful to the minows like the Yanks and Fiji as I possibly can. Because once Olympic money starts rolling in they'll be crushed under the deluge unless they start making friends very soon. They think they're loosing players now, wait until US Colleges start throwing Sports Scholarships like confetti at their younger players when they work out they can get Olympic Medals. 200,000 USD from Texas A&M per annum vs the Chance to perform a Maori Morris Dance, its a bit of a no-brainer.

Anonymous said...

You didn't allow my last comment and that gave me a laugh. The result last night gave me a bigger one.

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