Monday, 10 October 2011

England out of the Rugby World Cup

Well, I reckon pretty much everybody saw it coming. It wasn’t pretty but there’s no disgrace to loose to the Vichy on the Rugby field every once in a while. France play brilliantly one day and shite the next, they played very well and England came up short again as they have done in every game this world cup. If you look at the stats then the Coach is only a percentage point or two from Brian Ashton in terms of percentage won; so I reckon he has to go. He’s had 3 years, and whilst England have looked OK in the 6 nations, and got the odd Southern Hemisphere scalp last year a 56% win rate just isn’t good enough with the embarrassment of riches England Rugby has. If the players were shite I wouldn’t be worried – you get peaks and troughs; but the England Rugby team hasn’t been playing to its potential.

To be fair its not only Martin Johnson’s fault. His attacking and scrimmaging coaches don’t seem to be doing their stuff. I’m sure Chris Aston – previous top scorer – wasn’t scoring them by accident. But a lot of this is down to his talent if you see him play for Northampton. Mike Tindall is too old this World Cup and the game has changed and I am staggered they went with him. And Nick Easter is excellent for unbeaten this season Harlequins but played poorly for England. So basically you have a bunch of coaches that aren’t allowing some players to play well, others that shine despite of rather than because of the system and some guys who are there through misguided loyalty. Time to bring in somebody like Jake White. I respect the hell out of Martin Johnson as a player but we need a new broom.

And on to the players. As I heard John Mcenroe say, he always gave it his all because he knew that the life of a professional sportsman was a good life; and his thoughts were with his fans on not very much money who paid to watch him. He felt he always owed them a good performance. This England team quite clearly didn’t give a flying fuck about this World Cup, so I’m almost glad they lost. Its not the 1970’s and you’re not Old Buggerhams 3rd XV Seniors team on a tour to Hamburg – squeezing in a couple of games against the German Police and what’s left of the BAOR in between Boots and trips to the Reeperbahn. You are England’s national team. Save the Dwarf tossing to the off season. If you’re going to be a bunch of dicks, at least be good dicks. David Campese for example – weapons grade Throbbing Bell End but superb at Rugby. Of course its better if you’re like Fitzpatrick, Pienaar, Johnson and Eales - great players and not cunts.

Anyhow, I guess I’ll have to pick another side to support. I’ll go with the Welsh although I don’t thing they have got the talent they’re the Home Nation team still in it. I can’t go for the Kiwis because they are a bunch of Selfish bastards who don’t care about world Rugby – and the World Cup competition they have held has been crap too. The Breadstealers are the same but I like the place and when they’re not talking about sport the Aussies can be very pleasant, and the French I won’t support on religious grounds. They are the enemies of our Blood. So here’s to an Aus V Wales final.


Bobski said...

Jake White has been my first choice coach since he left South Africa, he would sort out our discipline and penalty leaks.

SimonF said...

I was musing about this and wondered if it is anything to do with this generation of players but the first to have been brought up in the professional age? With the exception of perhaps Simon Shaw I don't think there are any players around who played for nowt but the fun of the game and then on Monday morning went off to work in the real world.

As to who to support now? I shall watch with disinterest. At one time my attitude would have been to support all the home nations, not caring which one we beat in the finals. But now I have got so fed up with the Anybody But England attitude of the other home nations that I cannot be bothered supporting them.

Single acts of tyranny said...

As a Welshman, I have to say this attitude amongst my fellow celts is bewildering to me. Don't they know who pays the bills for the various trivial assemblies and parliaments?

Anthony Harrison said...

Christ, who gives a stuff! My dad filled me with rugby propaganda prior to sending me off to my bloody awful boarding school, but I very soon discovered the game entailed running around in the freezing cold with practically no clothes on, bashing into people. They call this fun? I asked myself bewilderedly. Then there was the disturbing, barely suppressed homoerotic horseplay in the slimy showers, afterwards. The compulsory sing-songs in the coach, to and from away games, were pretty tedious too. Fun at first - all those rude words, what a lark! - but they lost their appeal after a few repetitions...
Clearly not everyone who likes rugby is a numbskull, though it seems perverse for intelligent people to wish to reduce their braincell count by repeated violent head contact with others of like mind.

Single acts of tyranny said...

"barely suppressed homoerotic horseplay"

I have often wondered how running after and trying to grab another man around the waist, before sticking your head between his legs, then taking a bath with another 14 men is macho?

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