Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gadaffi Captured?

This will be a short trial. Looks like they captured him alive according to reports.

Reports are now that he's dead.

Waiting on Gerry Adams to pass on his condolences.


Anonymous said...

Condolences may not be in order but I'm very uncomfortable watching the videos of this man's death. Are the savages that killed him the hope for the future? Our voyeuristic gloating is not a good look.

Recusant said...

Fine, Anonymous, but I would feel more comfortable with your uncomfortableness if you had been under despotic rule by this man for 41 years and had just fought your way into his hometown. Otherwise it is just soft, superior guilt.

Jackart said...

well said, Recusant

Anonymous said...

I'm with anonymous, I'm afraid. I've seen the IRA's handiwork at close range, but I have no desire to see McGuinness meet Gaddafi's fate.

Court and forever in jail, by all means, but murdered and dragged through the streets by revellers - that wouldn't have been acceptable in civilised countries 200 years ago.

We're supposed to be better than these guys.


Anonymous said...

Gadaffi was a dangerous lunatic who overthrew the legal head of state and imposed a brutal regime of oppression for 41 years.

Aided and abetted by his family, they looted Libya and killed any who opposed them. He even paid hit squads to target dissidents outside Libya.

He supported terrorists who waged war in Ireland (IRA), Germany (Red Army Faction), Italy (Red Brigade), etc. supplying them with money, arms and explosives.

He personally sponsored acts of terrorism like the detonation of a French plane over Chad and (probably) the Lockerbie bombing among the most notable of many smaller incidents.

He invaded his neighbours (e.g. Chad) and threatened others with acts of violence and terror if they did not agree.

Yesterday, the person who carried out all of the above (and more) was found by his people, dragged out and shot.

Although I would have preferred for him to have faced a criminal trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague or secondly in front of an independant judicial panel or jury in Libya, much resentment would have had to be put away first.

Let us not rejoice, for we are mere spectators, but we can at least breath a sigh of relief that he is gone and the people of Libya can find their own road, preferably to peace and prosperity.

I rejoice not in the death of Gadaffi, but in the new found freedom of his captive peoples.

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King

"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!".


Jackart said...

WE are better than "these guys", WE didn't drag him through the streets. But then WE didn't have tens of thousands of our friends brutalised by a capricious clown for 41 years.

The fact is the Rebels behaved themselves better than any rag-tag ameteur army in history when they took Tripoli.

Shooting a dictator in the head is no great mischief, if you're not shooting anyone else in the head.

Anonymous said...

Indeed we didn't do it - but the point is that celebrating his death starts to look like endorsement of those who did.

You're right, the rebels did behave fairly well in Tripoli. But you get no points for meeting the basic standards of humanity - like tying your own shoelaces, it's the bare minimum expected.

Incidentally, that's what's so disgusting about McGuinness - he tries to claim that *stopping* murdering people makes him one of the good guys.

So, in summary, perhaps you're right and finishing him off was always going to happen when his brutalised people got hold of him in a dark drainpipe. But it's our job to point out that things *should* be done differently.

That said, maybe I'm a hypocrite. A few sticky ends in Gibraltar, Loughgall and Coagh, to name but three, cost me no sleep whatsoever.


banned said...

What was good enough for Mussolini and Caecescu was good enough for Gaddafi; Assad in Syria take heed.

Anonymous said...

Well Recusant, I'm assuming that you haven't suffered under Gaddafi's rule for 41 years either, so your opinion has no more validity than mine.

I don't feel superior guilt. Just disquiet that we are no better and that acts of savagery are not a good basis on which to rebuild a country.

I will say this though, you are a worry.

And no, I don't vote labour. or read the Guardian.

Single acts of tyranny said...

I hate to burst anyone's bubble but the idea that the Libyan people will now be "free" is a comic-book interpretation of events.

Hands up who thinks the West will now say "Okay boys we've spent over a billion quid between us, but if you'd like us to clear off so some of your less calm elements can now impose an Islamic caliphate and flog your oil to the Chinese, well that's just fine and dandy"

The next leader is probably all ready known (just control the TV and give him good publicity). And when he steals money and continues the slaughter of tribal and political opponents, the Western politicians will just look the other way, EXACTLY like they are doing with the electoral fraudster crook, Karzai.

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