Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Getting away with it

I don't usually comment on Murder trials but I will over this one. I suspect the Italians fucked up parts of their Police work, I also believe Amanda Knox with her "Better looking that your average Meth Head murderer" physical features actually made her defence first time a bit harder. But in the case of the poor Ms Kercher I also suspect her family won’t be searching for somebody else to prosecute. Forbes say “She will spend the rest of her life facing down rumours of her guilt and a tarnished reputation”. No she won't, she'll be a well paid media personality who will tell harrowing stories of her struggle against keeping the weight off due to the Prison Pasta- I'll bet Oprah has already cut her a downpayment cheque. So she’s a bit like OJ then. Maybe she can get some hints and tips from him.


Dominic A said...

Normally find very little if anything to disagree with here... but I'm afraid that on this occasion I'm going to have to.

I've kind of followed the 'ins and outs' of this since it started because I always had a nagging doubt about how safe the original conviction was. This article on Spiked probably does the best 'one page' job of summing it up

Dominic A said...

And here's the link to Spiked article


Single acts of tyranny said...

Simple test, if she is innocent she will be rushing off to the TV lie detector, if she did it, she will avoid one like the plague.

I know what my money is on.

startledcod said...

Normally I agree with (or at least don't disagree with) everything the Dude says and AVBD is one of my recommendations to people new to blogs however I'm with Dominic A on this one.

I have always thought that not only the original conviction but the whole supposition on which the conviction was based was suspect. At that age I was an enthusiastic and committed shagger, generally up for most things but my occasional setbacks/refusals never ever took me into the realms of a knife attacker, especially with someone else helping me along. The Police made fundamental errors building a case around an increasing public salaciousness and the fear of kids (for that is what they were) caught up in bizarre and atrocious circumstances.

Anonymous said...

What part of the conviction of Rudy Guede don't you understand.?

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