Saturday, 1 October 2011

Labour's "principles".

If you want one paragraph to sum up the unprincipled evil of Labour, This one on Labour-Uncut by Dan Hodges

"You begin by deciding where you want to position yourself politically. You then develop a policy framework to support that positioning. And finally you construct a philosophical and intellectual narrative to define your programme as you sell it to the electorate"
... is it.


The Nameless Libertarian said...

Dan Hodges is a remarkable piece of work. He is a living, breathing embodiment of pretty much everything Machiavelli ever had to say. He long ago stopped being a pragmatist and evovled into a total cynic.

That said, he can be entertaining when, as a bitter supporter of Miliband Minor's brother, he tears the incumbent Labour leader a new one.

John East said...

The political strategy you describe may be deeply cynical, but it works a treat. All one needs is a majority of voters who are poorly educated, apathetic, entitlement obsessed, and stupid. We fulfil this criterion in spades, hence where we are today.
Give it a few more years and they'll expand the suffrage even further to include prisoners, illegal aliens and sixteen year olds. Then things will get even more silly.

Henry Crun said...

Seems more like a definition of "marketing" rather than political prinicple.

Then again that's all the 1997 general election really was - a marketing exercise.

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