Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Spain's Stolen Babies

I'm no left footer so don’t hold a torch for the Catholic Church; but this baby stealing in Spain is no different as mentioned to the actions of other Governments. It just happens that - like Ireland - the Government in essence was the Catholic Church. The Argies who didn’t have a Theocratic government did the same with the kids of their Political Prisoners, we shipped the sire of our underclass off to Australia to populate the colonies with the idea that making sure that the nation’s inferior genes crippled the Wallaby Scrum in perpetuity. The Swedes practiced Eugenics till 1975, Singapore till the early 1980's. Now I don't take Pope Pourri very seriously, but the Catholic Church's actions were no different at the time to Political Actions in other countries - including "right on" Socialists in Sweden et all. Actually at least the Catholic Church didn't kill the poor kids - unlike those the Socialists considered not part of the plan.

If anything the belief of the munificence of the state, and over reliance on it for an ever expanding list of "Rights" has made this more likely to happen in the future. Instead of critiquing the Catholic Church, we should critique the power of the state and its ability to steal children on Political grounds. There’s no way any state organ should be able to seize a child from its parents unless the parent is a drug addict or would abuse the child physically or sexually.

And as for the Catholic Church, I reckon that like X rated Video stores, they should have warning signs telling under 18’s that entry to this Church is against town Bylaws – like not being allowed to ride a Donkey through the Municipal Swimming Pool or being against the law to shoot any game other than Whales from a moving automobile. And another reason why I don’t take the Catholic Church too seriously is…to quote Denis Leary "I can't bring up my kids in a church whose authority system is entirely based on the size of fucking hats, okay? That's apparently how the Catholic church is run. The bigger the hat, the more important the guy, right? Priests have no hats, cardinals have those little red beanies, the pope has a collection of big hats...God must have a huge fucking sombrero up there in heaven! "Look at me, I'm GOD! Look at the size of my hat, who else would I be?" I don't know, lead singer of Los Lobos"?

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