Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Simple Policy to make the UK Happier...

...Would be for the Government stop funding, and the BBC to ignore, the following organisations and their output:

No, not Young Professionals meeting for a drink after 
work, but dangerous addicts damaging their livers.

There are plenty of others you can add to the list fake charities: government funded lobbying organisations who produce endless "studies" supporting the ban of whatever their bee is in their bonnet; all in the name of "public health", whose policy-based evidence-making goes entirely unchallenged on the BBC.

And people turn on the radio, and hear some ghastly purse-lipped harridan, with a mouth like a dog's arsehole from Alcohol Concern spewing forth statistics about "middle class binge-drinking" (by which she means sharing a bottle or two of a weeknight evening) like so much vomit. As she sits there, unchallenged, calling for warning labels or more tax, or a minimum price of Alcohol or some such nanny-state fuss-bucketry, the people lisening feel put upon and oppressed, as the vague notion that the Government is going to make their few remaining pleasures more expensive, harder to get forms; even if nothing is happening.

These temperance bags of spite have already destroyed the working classes' social life by taking away their local boozer thanks to the smoking ban. Now they want to price the "squeezed middle" out of their chilled Chardonnay when they get in from work. 

LEAVE PEOPLE BE, for pity's sake you fucking evil puritan cock-wombles. Leave us alone.


Anthem said...

Hear, hear!

By all means let there be research into the potential harm of any substances but then let the individual weigh up the findings derived from such research for themselves and choose accordingly.

You think booze is bad? Fine. Don't drink.

But by what right do you think that you can tell another person how to live their life?

"evil puritan cock-wombles" - couldn't have put it better myself.

Dre said...

If you give up alcohol, tobacco, red meat does not make you live longer, it just seems like you do. Plus the people who present these policies aren't exactly at their fighting weight either. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, they should get up and enjoy the outdoors, play a sport or go for a nice bracing walk. Not because they feel the should do owing to all the evidence, but because it is basically what life is for. They should probably have a few beers and get laid too.
What really grips my shit is that they say everything is failing because of a lack of education. For fucks sake, every cunting TV program (when Downton Fucking Abbey isn't on) is about how to eat or drink healthily. There's even a bit of sport on the telly occasionally. People know. Those who give a shit give a shit. Those that don't, don't.

Murray Rothbard said...

What annoys me is the way they manipulate the language. "Binge drinking" as used in everyday language is reserved for the drunken yob, vomiting on the pavement and making too much noise. The "Health Campaigners" have taken the anger at such behaviour and directed it at ordinary people living their lives by redefining Binge Drinking.

J. Bonington Jagworth said...

I'd add to that list "any pro-cycling pressure group".

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Excellent rant, J.

I will forgive you a few anti-car diatribes in exchange for those wonderful insults.

But only a few, mind, don't get carried away.

Dog Tic said...

Evil Puritan Cock-Wombles!!! Pelosi jumped to mind when I read that brilliant nick name.

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