Thursday, 30 January 2014

Maajid Nawaz & Jesus and Mo

A while ago someone who is trying to be, but won't be an MP (anyone think a Lib-Dem will win the UK's tightest 3-way marginal?) tweeted a cartoon purporting to show the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).


He has received death threats, Channel 4 news blacked out the naughty depiction of the Prophet, and there is a petition to deselect Mr Nawaz. When discussing this on TV, several people supporting mr Nawaz wore T-shirts with the above cartoon, which several women in niqabs claimed were "offensive" and should be covered up.

Now I find the Niqab vile. I don't like seeing it. But I respect the right of Muslim women to wear it if THEY (not their husbands) so choose. My offence at their mode of dress is MY problem, not theirs. Just as some moderate Muslims choose to behave in a way in which their more doctrinaire brethren might disapprove, the only possible response compatible with a free society involves words, not actions. Peoples opinions need to be freely expressed, and the offence cannot lead to censorship.

We have allowed ourselves to be cowed into "respecting" faith's demands to encroach on the rights of secular society to dress, express opinions and behave in ways the religious, and especially hysterical Muslim, people will disapprove. There IS a right to freedom of religion. That does not mean the religious get to interfere with others' rights to free speech, love, association or dress. There is no right to live unoffended.

I don't see why this is complicated. If you don't like Mr Nawaz or his opinions, don't vote for him. Death threats are not acceptable, and the Jesus and Mo cartoons should not be considered "controversial". They are absolutely in the realm of reasonable religio-social comment. The worst form of censorship is self-censorship, especially in response to the hysterical bullies of the more extreme members of the Muslim community, who of course should enjoy the right to speak, but not the right to decide what is "offensive".

No it won't, pal.

The only sane reaction of those hyperventilating idiots who get het up about something as trivial as tweeting a Jesus and Mo cartoon is "Fuck the fucking fuck off, you fucking fuckers, and, when you're there, fuck the fucking fuck off some more. You cunt".

But then, if you're reading this, you probably already agree. The media/political class have already surrendered.


Gareth said...

British atheists and secularists, having thoroughly browbeaten Christianity into submission, may find that Islam, growing quickly in the UK, will not be so easily cowed.

Anonymous said...

So why refer to an illiterate, lying, murdering, paedophile adulterer as 'Prophet' when there is no evidence that he ever prophesied anything?

You are being very generous in wishing someone, responsible for launching the curse of Islam on the world, well in the afterlife.

How do you know there is an afterlife? Are you some sort of prophet too?

Gareth said...

Let irony into your life, Mr Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Whether you believe in God or not. Christianity was an integral part of a
British Empire that was (though not without fault) one of the great forces of enlightenment in human history. You have secularized your formerly magnificent culture to the brink of extinction. The vaccum you have created is being filled.

Are you happy now?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if Islam will dominate the world, VeryBritishDude, but I do know that it could do especially with the held of the open border brigade types like you.

Muslims are emigrating into Europe like flies and breeding piker abbots. Why are they breeding so fast? Simple. To.
take over Europe though demographic transformation hence turning Europe Muslim.

Immigration is a form of conquest. The Europeans did like with the whole of the American continent. The Turkic people did it with Turkey and North Africa and thanks to the pro-immigrant muppets lie, you, Muslims are going. To do the same to Europe

Immigration isn't about economics VeryBritishDude. Are you really blinded by economics not to see that?

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