Thursday, 2 June 2016

An Open Letter to Jean-Claude Juncker

If, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland votes as expected to remain in the European Union, you should not take it as an endorsement.

Britain is a great nation, once the hub of the greatest Empire the world has ever seen, a victor at the centre of alliances, in three centuries of conflict, and the mother of Parliaments. To imagine we would ever subsume our identity into the European Union was the height of hubris, a hubris equalled only by our own imperial project. 

When we on these islands realised that 
" seeking to make conquest of others, we have made a shameful conquest of ourself"
we used the last of our global power to defeat a grotesque continental tyranny, and retreated from empire leaving Cricket, democracy and railroads for the friends who willingly helped us defeat Hitler to use.

We expect the European Union to realise that we on these islands will not ever be part of some 'United States of Europe', and we don't think France, Poland, Italy or Germany, or any other great nation of Europe should be expected to either. 

The European Union exists to facilitate trade between free peoples, and to solve problems best dealt with at an international level. Trade, environment and security. And it is the Last of these in which our voice must be heard clearest.  For it is British soldiers who have poured blood into European soil over centuries, for all our freedom, and stand ready to do so again. Without the UK in the EU, Germany would have blinked in confrontation with Mr. Putin in the Kremlin. And it is our unbreakable alliance with the United States that ultimately guarantees European freedom to this day. When Churchill said 
"If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea."
he was asking De Gaulle in 1944 to not make him choose an alliance with Europe over the USA. We, if forced to choose, will never choose Europe. An acknowledgement of these facts, ahead of the vote, publicly and with humility would go a long way to keeping the European and broader western alliance together.

The European Union has achieved much to be proud of. Chief amongst these is the cementing of Democratic norms in the former fascist south and former communist East. The carrot of joining the club has brought countries with no tradition of freedom to respect human rights and the rule of law.
Freedom brings great wealth and power, but that power must be used lightly. Britain learned that lesson the hard way. There is no need for the nations of Europe to learn it again.

No more 'Ever closer Union'. Not for the UK as you have already accepted, nor anyone else.


John said...

Of course he'll take a remain vote as an endorsement. Of everything there is to come.

And we'll never be given another chance to stop it.

Anonymous said...

So you should vote Leave to send the message. You know that Remain will probably win, but the bigger the Leave vote is, the stronger will be the message.

Gareth said...

Once again, a Remainer is asking us to vote for a European Union the way we'd all like it to be, rather than the European Union the way it actually is.

Anonymous said...


Read the FIRST clause of the Treaty of Rome. if you want to play football why join a cricket club?

Anonymous said...

If you seriously think people in Brussels won't see a vote to Remain as an endorsement of the EU and ever closer union then you're naive at best and thick at worst.

perdix said...

Cameron's negotiation specifically excluded the UK from ever closer union. But of course some don't want to believe in any separate status for the UK, such is their hatred of the EU.

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